Outcomes Assessment

Assessment Plan I (2006-2009)
Assessment is an ongoing practice of measuring progress towards an expected goal or identifying the distance from an anticipated target. Student learning, being the pinnacle of college success, deserves the greatest attention for assessment activities in higher education. Understanding whether the college, program or course is reaching its targeted objectives allows for improvement in the education and educational experiences of York’s students. Assessment, then, is an indicator of performance with the ultimate purpose of strategic growth. What is assessed, when, how and by whom may change each academic year; however, the developmental purpose of assessment remains the same.
Assessment Plan I (final report)
This report will address the chief accomplishments and shortfalls of the period represented by York’s first Assessment Plan (2007‐2009). Each accomplishment represents a valued outcome in its own right but collectively the accomplishments suggest the changing culture of assessment at the college. Though much was accomplished during the reporting period, areas in which the committee had hoped to make more progress are also discussed. With the end of this plan approaching, the committee met in June 2009 to reflect on its accomplishments, identify shortfalls, and envision next steps. This report includes those reflections and naturally concludes with recommendations that will inform the next Assessment Plan, 2009‐2012.
Assessment Plan II (2009-2012)
Assessment Plan approved by the Senate on February 16th, 2010.
Outcomes Assessment Resources
Minutes, forms, timetables, and other related documents from the Assessment Committee meetings.
Academic Program Review
Spring 2010 Day of Assessment
Presentations and documents

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