2008 CUNY Regional Student Development & Enrollment Management Conference

“We’ve Got CLASS: Collaborations for Leadership, Achievement and Student Success” ACCEPTING PROPOSALS, NOMINATIONS, REGISTRATIONS!
When May 02, 2008
from 09:00 AM to 04:00 PM
Where York College, Atrium
Contact Name
Contact Phone 718-262-2945
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10:30-11:30 Morning Session

Federal Trade Commission, NYC Consumer Affairs Department and CUNY Teach Credit Smarts

Presenter - Leonard Gordon
Room 1E02

Understanding our Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Students

Presenter - Cynthia Bink
Room 1E04

Authentic Pluralism:  Building Emotionally Intelligent Communities in Diverse Institutions

Presenter - Denys S. Blell
Room 1E05

Student Tracking and Appointment System:  Changing Procedures Reinvigorated Advisement

Presenters- Elaine Cataletto, Dr. Phillip Hogue, and Dixon Berry
Room 1E06

Students’ Pathway to Success

Presenter - Deborah Hairston, Olga Vega, and  Alicia Colon
Room 1B04

Career Counseling with CLASS:  A Case Example

Presenters - Brian Mitra, Christine Clark, Angela Kang, and Marisa Joseph
Room 1C02

Student Veterans:  “Transitioning from the Combat Zone to the Classroom”

Presenter -Wilfred L. Cotto
Room 1C03

"Virginia Tech: What Have We Learned?" - PART I

Presenters -Gerald Amada, Ph.D. and Marica Amada, M.S.W.
Room 1M06

Students in Crisis: Mental Health Intervention in the Classroom

Presenters - Marcus V. Daugherty and Tonya Q. Whitening
Room 2A06

"How Athletes Enhance Recruitment & Retention on Campus"

Presenter - Dr. Joseph Bertolino, Dr. Ben Corpus, Zak Ivkovic, CUNY Scholar-Athlete Winner TBA
Room 2B01

Succession Planning & The New Multigenerational Workforce: Is CUNY Prepared?

Presenters - Gloriana B. Waters and Eileen Hawkins
Room 2C02

Lights, Camera, Action! Creative Employer/Career Services Collaboration

Presenters - Tes Asfaw, Susan McCarty, Jerry Weinstock  and Dorian Chandler
Room 2C05

Health, Counseling and Wellness: 
A Holistic Approach

Presenter - Dr. Pereta Rodriguez
Room 2C15 

The CUNY Leadership Academy:  Developing World Class Leaders Through Partnerships, Collaboration, and Innovation

Presenter - Joe-Joe McManus, Ph.D.
Room 3A04

First-Year Learning Community: Faculty Departmental Collaboration for Student Success

Presenters - Jannette Alejandra Urciuoli, Beth Counihan, and Georgia McGill
Room 3A05

Effective Collaborations Between Student Life and All Things International

Presenters - Barbara A.Clark and Robert King Kee
Room 3B02

How to Build and Implement a Strategic Enrollment Management Plan

Presenter - Walter Clark
Room 3C02

Cultivating Strategic Executive Collaboration for Student Achievement and Success

Presenters -Marcia V Keizs, Ivelaw Lloyd Griffith, Janis Jones and Jerry Posman
Room 3C04

Opportunities for Student Life and ePortfolio

Presenters -Brian J. Goldstein, Nancy Gros and Ros Orgel
Room 3C05

Black Male Initiative Programs:  Important Intervention or Discrimination

Presenter - Renee Butler, Peter Grant Jordan, Dr. Eduardo Vianna, John Lee Baker Jr. and Vanessa Bing
Room 3C06 

Creating, Implementing, and Assessing Student Learning Outcomes: Part One

Presenters -Richard P. Keeling,  Ric Underhile and
Hazel J. Scott
Room 3D01

11:45-12:45 Afternoon

Look (Twice) Before You Leap: Military Recruitment, Tactics, and CUNY

Presenters -Deborah H. Karpatki, Brian Goldstein
Room 1E02

Black Male Undergraduate Achievement: Best Practices & Collaborative Initiatives

Room 1E04

Emotional Intelligence:  Key to Personal and Professional Success

Presenter - Denys S. Blell
Room 1E05

Peer Education ---A Campus Wide Multi-faceted Approach

Presenters- Suzette Ramsundar and Amanda J Dubois
Room 1E06

Pathfinder Program:  Utilizing Best Career Guidance Practices with Fewest Resources

Presenters - Kim Crabbe, Lauren LoPrimo and Michael Young
Room 1C02

Transforming a Transfer Program:  Research and Leadership for Student Success

Presenters - Case Willoughby, Scott Stursa and Monica Coen
Room 1C03

 "Virginia Tech: What Have We Learned?" PART II, Questions and Answers

Presenters -Gerald Amada, Ph.D. and Marica Amada, M.S.W.
Room 1M06

Integrate. Collaborate. Initiate. (ICI workshop) A Prevention and Intervention Workshop to Address Students’ Mental Health Issues

Presenters -Sudi Shayesteh and Madlyn Stokely
Room 2A06

Development and Implementation of a Structured Student Leadership Program

Presenters - Michael E. Sullivan and Raymond Flook,

Assessing Outcomes:  Creating an Environment for Student Success

Presenters - Al Foderaro and  Denise Schmidt
Room 2C02

Professional Standards and Guidelines – Understanding and Utilizing the CAS Standards

Presenter - Kristina Testa-Buzzee
Room 2C05

Senior Year Network “Wake Up Call!”

Presenters - Susan McCarty, Ilene Drapkin, Shayne Bernstein and Keith R. Okrosy
Room 2C15

Commuters Connecting to the College Before Classes Commence

Presenter - Marva M. Craig and Erwin J. Wong
Room 3A04

Pilot Process: A Freshman Retention Program for Students with Disabilities

Presenters - Christopher Cruz Cullar, Joanne D'Onofrio, Maria Testori and Teddi Beekman
Room 3A05

"So You Wanna Be A Senior Student Affairs Officer?"

Presenters - Garrie W. Moore, Esther Perelez, Joseph Bertolino, Peter Jordan and Lisa Montgomery
Room 3B02

LaGuardia’s Enrollment Services Center - Collaboration for Student Success

Presenters - Henry S. Flax, Ed.D, Gail Baksh-Jarrett
Room 3C03

Expanding Student Awareness with The New York Times

Presenters - Ken Wenthen, Jennifer Jarvis, Angela Kluwin, and Christine Cappello
Room 3C05

Leading Hearts:  Navigating Leadership Through Encouragement and Recognition

Presenters -Suzan Kuc and Robert Kiley
Room 3C06

Creating, Implementing, and Assessing Student Learning Outcomes: Part Two

Presenters -Richard P. Keeling, Ric Underhile and
Hazel J. Scott 
Room 3D01

Go to the Head of the CLASS:  Major Day to Academic Festival

Presenter - Pamela Goldstein and  Lisa Millsaps
Room HP107

3:00 - 4:00 Late Afternoon

Student Run Radio:  Much More Than Music

Presenter -Philip Masciantonio
Room 1E03

Empowerment Through Action:  Addressing Intimate Partner Violence on Campuses

Presenters - Deborah Parker, Vanessa Bing, Katie Gentile, Ph.D. and Safiya Ellis Bandele
Room 1E04

The Quest for Resiliency and Cultural Competency Among Dominican English Language Learners

Presenter - Nelson A. Reynoso
Room 1E06

Alternative Orientation Programs and Student Integration into University Life

Presenter - Gregory T. Mason
Room 1B03

Counseling, Teaching and Technology: Interactive Approach to Student Engagement

Presenters - Robert I. Schwartz, Ed.D. and
Cheryl Camenzuli, Ph.D
Room 1B04

The Importance of "College Now" in Future Enrollment Efforts

Presenters - Fay M. Butler
Room 1C03

Outreach and Advisement Activities for Students on Academic Probation

Presenters - Gina Capozzoli and Dr. Stephen Beltzer
Room 1C04

Student Leaders, The Hidden Resource:  Maximize Programming and Showcase Talent

Presenters - Ingrid Tineo, Christine Li-Auyeung, Theresa Conway, Veronica Ingram-Henry and Lisa O'Connor
Room 1C06

Increasing Student Retention Through Enrollment Management and Student Affairs Partnerships

Presenters - Dr. Steven R. Perry and Mr. Roger B. Sullivan

Collaborative Recruitment by Student Affairs, Academic Affairs, and Enrollment Management

Presenters - Heshla Ash, Stacey-Ann Foster, Vanessa E Green and Jacqueline Williams
Room 2A03

How Can Understanding Gender Differences Help Us Achieve Successful Communication?

Presenters - Marie Geelan
Room 2A08

Interactive Technologies: Friend or Foe? How Social Networking is Transforming Colleges

Presenters - Heather Krasna, Lisa Orbe-Austin and Lily Lo
Room 2B02

The Career Academy:  An Integrated Approach to Student Career Development 

Presenter - Joanne Hollan, Geoffrey Hempill
Room 2B07

From Classes to Careers: Collaboration for Success - CUNY LEADS Project

Presenters - Roberta Adelman, Dr. Chris Rosa, Tes Asfaw, and Merril Parra
Room 2C02

The Use of a "Board Game" as a Teaching Tool

Presenters - Jose A. Del Pilar, Mike Stimola, Carmen Alustiza Mondesire, Alfonso Siverls
Room 2C03

Helping Students Now Who Were Traumatized in the Past

Presenters - Paul Schwartz, LCSW, MA
Room 2C04

Faculty and Student Affairs Collaborating to Encourage Healthy Living and Academic Success

Presenters - Kristina Testa-Buzze, Ms. Alicia K. Czachowski, Ms. Aida Egues , Kate Nelson and Dr. Judith Aponte
Room 2C05

The Use Titanium Schedule – A Counseling Center Client Management Software

Presenters -Annecy Baez and Ingrid Hiraldo
Room 3B01

Understanding and Teaching Students From Inner City Culturally Diverse Backgrounds

Presenters - Walter Clark
Room 3C02

Remembered if Outlived: Transforming the Experience of Depression in College

Presenter - Richard P. Keeling
Room 3D01 

Dear Colleagues:
The City University of New York Chief Student Affairs Officers are NOW ACCEPTING PROPOSALS for its 2008 Regional Student Development & Enrollment Management Conference and Nominations for the Otis Hill Award. 

We look forward to seeing you at the conference. Please share this email invitation with your staff and colleagues across your campuses; SUNY campuses and all others are welcome!

Conference Co-Chairs
Vice President Lisa Montgomery (Hostos Community College) and
Vice President Janis Jones (York College)
On Behalf of Garrie W. Moore
Vice Chancellor for University Student Affairs
The City University of New York

CostRegistration Period
CUNY Participants
FREE ($10 No Show Fee)Nov. 19th – Jan. 17th
Non-CUNY Participants
$75 before April 11th
$85 after April 11th

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