Past Workshops

Since 2002 Adult Continuing Education and the FDA NE Regional Laboratory at York College have been sponsoring annual workshops. The workshops focus on issues of interest to the food and pharmaceutical industries and to regulatory agencies both in this country and internationally. Previous participants have attended from all over the U.S. as well as China, Canada, India, Germany, Mexico, Nigeria, Uganda and Ghana.

Past Workshops

  • 2010 Rapid Methods to Detect Priority Pathogens in Food and on Environmental Surfasces
  • 2009 High-Throughput Methods of Detecting Foodborne Pathogens

  • 2008 Microbiological Contamination of Foods:  Rapid Detection

  • 2007 Detecting Counterfeit Drugs

  • 2006 Pharmaceutical Microbiology Workshop

  • 2005 Rapid Methods of Detection of Pathogens in Food

  • 2004 Meeting cGMP and Pre-Approval Requirements

  • 2003 Automated Microbiological Methods for Rapid Pathogen Detection in Food

  • 2002 Rapid Methods for Food Microbiology

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