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York College, a senior college within the City University of New York, located in Southeast Queens is the only CUNY campus to have a regional office of the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on its fifty-acre campus. This presents unique opportunities to the College and University community for research, knowledge, and teaching exchanges.

About York College FDA Workshops & Conferences

Since 2002 York College, Continuing & Professional Education has been facilitating these workshops and conferences with the FDA Northeast Regional Laboratory. Our goal is to foster this collaborative effort and to enhance the college's outreach to the community and to bring our intellectual and infrastructure assets together.

About York College—FDA Academic Partnership

A strong working relationship exists between York College and the FDA as exemplified by the following joint initiatives:

  • York College students participate as interns at the FDA Northeast Regional Laboratory each semester.
  • FDA scientific staff teach important lecture and laboratory sessions in the Departments of Chemistry and Biology at York College.
  • York College and the FDA are engaged in many other collaborations and events, including workshops and conferences in the Food Safety and Pharmaceutical Industries.

About York College Pharmaceutical Science (B.S.)

 York College provides a rigorous course of study in mathematics, science and pharmaceutics with opportunity for research and internships in the pharmaceutical industry.  Graduates of the program can be employed in areas such as drug discovery, research and development, product formulation and manufacturing, process improvement, physical and chemical drug analysis and properties, clinical research, pharmacokinetics and metabolism, drug safety and surveillance, regulatory affairs, and licensing.

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