Handyman Certificate Program

In collaboration with NHS Jamaica Inc. (Neighborhood Housing Services)

Our short handyman program is tailored to suit the needs of those wanting to learn the fundamentals of the various trades. This program is taught through a combination of lab training and related classroom instruction. This two pronged approach to training permits a person beginning their career to advance quickly while becoming an ever increasingly productive member of a crew. Students will build confidence with the materials and tools commonly used through a mix of theory and practical experience. All courses start an introduction to the craft, health and safety, and identification and proper use of tools.

Some people want to learn a little bit of everything  for home maintenance; some want to specialize in particular areas like bathroom or kitchen installation so we train in those subjects relevant to those jobs but there are people out there who want to be able to offer more than the next man (or woman) and therefore want to learn everything!

A career as a Handyman gives you the freedom to provide a complete repair or refurbishment service to your customers. What better way of impressing potential customers than showing them that they only need one person to complete the work to be done, saving them time and money.

You can enjoy the benefits of self employment or even employment as multi skilled tradesmen which are very much in demand with maintenance companies, local authorities, housing associations and many more.

Course Descriptions


This course introduces you to the plumbing trade, providing you with the opportunity to learn basic skills. The course includes work in the classroom and workshop type environment. You will learn how to install shower body, toilet bowl & tank. Students will work with PVC/DWV copper, galvanized and cast iron pipes. You will be able to identify PVC/DWV, copper and threaded fittings, job safety and isometric drawings are also included in this course.

Basic Electrical

This course introduces the fundamental concepts of “AC” current Emphasis is placed on “AC” circuits, components and operation, and testing equipment; and other related topics. Upon completion, students should be able to conduct, verify, troubleshoot, and repair minor problems.

Wall & Floor Tiling

Our course is designed with a practical, quick learner in mind. The course involves assessing wall space, measuring and leveling, minor problem solving with full hands-on experience. You will be put to the test working around vanity, cabinets, baths/toilets and on occasions you will be challenged with uneven wall surfaces. During the week’s training you will be assessed and assistance will be given in areas which you may find difficult. Training includes installing walls and floor tiles.


Plastering is a highly useful skill and for those who are fully qualified a highly lucrative trade. In addition to the fundamentals of mixing and applying plaster. This course covers the correct method of cutting and fixing plasterboard (known as sheet rock), the preparation of surfaces in readiness to receive tape and plasters. You will also learn the various typees of sheet rock and their purpose.  also included in this course is lead abatement certification.

Painting and Decorating

The aim of this course is to cover the basics in handling materials, problem solving, protecting surrounding areas, preparation of surfaces, filling and degreasing and preparing timber, metal and cement surfaces.  To finish off you will work on the application of paints by brush and roller on absorbent and non-absorbent materials and backgrounds.

Bathroom Installation

This is another popular DIY course in which students will learn the fundamentals of bathroom installation.  Dealing with the most common fixtures, this course will include many elements of plumbing to enable you to feel confident in the installation of those fixtures.

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