Personal Statement/Essay and Resumes

Here is an outline along with some links that can help you to get started on writing a personal statement/essay and Resumes.

Personal Statement / Essay:


  1. First Think About Yourself:
  • Details of your life help the committee better understand you or help set you apart from other applicants.
  • Mention how you have overcome any unusual obstacles or hardships.
  • Write about personal characteristics: For example, integrity, compassion, persistence.
  • Do not forget to illustrate your skills: For example, leadership, communicative, analytical.
  • Submit a personal statement of 300 to 500 words (two typewritten pages).
    As described, this statement should include the following:
    • Reasons you selected York College.
    • Reasons you feel that you should receive the scholarship.
    • Benefits you have received from any community service experience you have had.
    • Contributions you feel you can make or are already making as a York College student.
  • Tips
    • Find an Angle and Talk About Real Experiences
    • Concentrate on Your Opening Paragraph
    • Develop the Ideas and Stay Focused
    • Type and proofread your statement very carefully
    • Avoid Clichés
    • Use Attention Grabbers

    Other Steps


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