The York College provides information to students looking for scholarships. It offers many scholarship options for ambitious, academically-talented students. It envisions service to a student body that reflects the high academic achievement, cultural diversity and richness of York College. It instills the behaviors of awareness, investigation and realization that promote the ideas of scholarly and individual development.
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All incoming students who apply for York College Foundation Scholarships must have completed an admissions application to York College City University of New York at 

Alex Chetram

York Scholar Graduate
Class of 2012

York College (YC) Merit Scholars Program

York College Foundation Merit Scholars Program offers many scholarship opportunities for ambitious, academically-talented students who excelled in high school when entering York College as Freshman and Transfer students with CUNY Associate Degrees. For more information, please visit YC Merit Scholars Program.

Applications for Entering First-Year Freshman and Transfer is Now Open

Deadline to submit: July 10, 2015

York College (YC) Foundation Scholarships 

York College (YC) Foundation Scholarships and other affiliated scholarships offer a variety of scholarships for entering, (First-Year and Transfer) and continuing students. For more information, please visit YC Foundation Scholarships.

Application for Current (continuing) students for the Fall 2015 Semester is Now Closed

A list of available scholarships for Winter & Spring 2016 will be posted during the Fall semester below under "Upcoming Scholarships". 

Helpful Tips you should know before applying: 

  • Click on the scholarship you wish to review below. (Print out the criteria for the scholarship before you start filling out the application)
  • Scholarship eligibility criteria may vary, so please read carefully on what is being asked to avoid an incomplete, or incorrect application or missing documentation.
  • If you may be eligible for that scholarship click "Apply". It will then take you to the YC Foundation Scholarship page.
  • Review the "General Eligiblity", "General Information" and "How to Apply" before applying.
  • Complete the online application and submit when you are done.
  • A message will be sent to your email address when you are done to confirm that your application was sent and to remind you that two (2) recommendations are needed whether you are required to have them or not. Please note that scholarships with general requirements (without specific instructions on recommendations) require two recommendation forms to be printed and completed (Signed and dated) by two different faculty members. While others may specify specific instructions; for example a recommendation from a community service supervisor you volunteered at. Awards however, may not always require recommendations; some will state "No recommendations are required".
  • Take your time and read the criteria carefully.   

Other (External) Scholarship Opportunities

We have created a useful scholarship link page to help you with your scholarship search. National scholarships are highly competitive awards that provide support for a range of academic opportunities, including study abroad, International and Graduate study. These scholarships vary in criteria; Grade point average, research, service and leadership experience. For more information, please visit Other Scholarships.

ALERT: When using other scholarship websites outside of York, “Please Be Aware of Scams”. DO NOT DEPOSIT CHECKS, CASH OR MONEY ORDERS TO ANY PROGRAMS OR GRANTS FOR ANY REASON. If it sounds suspicious, chances are they are not a real organization. No Scholarships or grants should ask you to send any form of money. Report it to the Scholarship Center as soon as possible.

Upcoming Scholarships

There are currently no results for this search.

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