CETL Programs

Faculty development is an essential part of the Center's activities.

CETL Programs

The CETL provides professional development for faculty in the form of guest speakers, workshops, Thursdays at the Center (brown bag reading discussion groups), Teaching Circles (special interest groups), and the York CETL listserv and website.

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The Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning organizes an annual series of faculty development workshops on various topics related to teaching and learning. Fall 2008 Workshops: New Faculty Teaching Seminar (September 12, 2008) Presenters: Margaret Ballantyne, Michael Cripps, Anamika Dasgupta, Wenying Huang-Stolte, Heather Robinson, Debra Swoboda; 1st Annual CETL Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Poster Session (September 25, 2008); Writing Across the Disciplines (October 23, 2008) Presenters: Panel Discussion Moderated by Michael Cripps, English; Everything You Need to Know About Working with ELL/ESL Students (October 28, 2008) Presenters: Aegina Barnes, Elizabeth Meddeb, & Zohra Saad Foreign Languages, ESL and Humanities; Using Social Software to Build Collaborative Learning Space (November 25, 2008) Presenters: Wenying Huang-Stolte, Educational Technology & Bill Divale, Social Sciences; Advising as Teaching (November 12, 2008) Presenter: Bob Baer, Center for Academic Advising; College Preparation, Selectivity, and Today's College Students (December 9, 2008) Presenter: Tania Levey, Social Sciences

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Title III Faculty Grant Program

The Title III Faculty Grant Program involves systematic and reflective use of research methods to develop and implement practices that advance the learning outcomes of students and teachers.

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DisCover is the Journal of the York Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning. Published annually, DisCover showcases scholarship of teaching and learning by York faculty.

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CETL Presentation Proposal Application

The Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETL) invites proposals from York faculty to present workshops, roundtables, panel discussions, or brown bag discussions that promote faculty development around teaching and learning. Since there is a deep base of knowledge related to innovative pedagogy and the scholarship of teaching and learning at York, faculty are invited to share their expertise by developing a CETL event. If you are interested in presenting on a topic related to teaching and learning, please complete the CETL Presentation Proposal Application and forward it to Debra Swoboda, CETL Director, AC 4D06. If you have any questions or comments, please contact Debra Swoboda at x2686 or email: dswoboda@york.cuny.edu.

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2010-11 Title III Faculty Grant Program Application

The Title III faculty grant program is open to all full-time faculty at York College. While all proposals to improve student learning are welcomed, York is particularly interested in using this year’s Title III funding in support of research into teaching and learning that investigates pedagogies of engagement that enable students to acquire the abilities and understanding they will need for the 21st century. Veteran faculty who might want to change but have little time for pedagogical explorations because of heavy teaching loads, and early-career faculty who might feel it is a risk to try something new, are especially encouraged to apply. Individuals who have received a previous Title III faculty grant are eligible to apply.

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Learning During Unsettled Times

Learning During Unsettled Times: College Graduates Academic Performance and Recent Experiences in the U.S. Learning During Unsettled Times The coauthor of Academically Adrift: Limited Learning on College Campus Professor Richard Arum, New York University September 22, 2011 http://youtu.be/QIwbSwA8Qng

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