The York College Scholarships provides information to students looking for scholarships. It offers many scholarship options for ambitious, academically-talented students. It envisions service to a student body that reflects the high academic achievement, cultural diversity and richness of York College. It instills the behaviors of awareness, investigation and realization that promote the ideas of scholarly and individual development.

The Mission


Alex Chetram
York Scholar Graduate
Class of 2012

Scholarships offer information on a variety of scholarship programs that include:

We offer information on Upcoming Scholarships for internal and external scholarships.

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Scholarships is a student-centered office whose mission is to raise awareness of scholarship opportunities available to the college community. This mission includes the following goals:

  • Research scholarship opportunities
  • Assist in the scholarship process to write clearly, critically and effectively
  • Develop technological online Research & Application

The Scholarship Center assists Merit Scholars to develop student's intellectual, professional, and personal growth by integration... Obtaining knowledge of diversity... meeting changing social and intellectual needs by developing undergraduate preparation...from their academic strengths. The Center aims to produce graduates who are poised to meet new challenges and become tomorrow's leaders by:

  • Engaging in college activities and public advocacy, thus
  • Enriching their communities with public service

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ALERT: When using other scholarship websites outside of York, “Please Be Aware of Scams”. DO NOT DEPOSIT CHECKS, CASH OR MONEY ORDERS TO ANY PROGRAMS OR GRANTS FOR ANY REASON. If it sounds suspicious, chances are they are not a real organization. No Scholarships or grants should ask you to send any form of money. Report it to the Scholarship Center as soon as possible.

Upcoming Scholarships

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