Aviation Students Visit Jetblue Airways National Training Center in Orlando, Florida

JetBlue Airways Training Center, also known as "JetBlue University" opened in June 2005. The center is located in Orlando's International Airport and it offers initial and recurrent training for its Flight Operations, Flight Attendant, Technical Operations and Customer Service crewmembers. The approximately 107,000 square foot facility includes an auditorium, classrooms, briefing rooms, offices, an outdoor training pool, and Airbus A320 and Embraer E190 flight simulators.
Aviation Students Visit Jetblue Airways National Training Center in Orlando, Florida

Students at JetBlue Airways National Training Facilities.

While in Orlando the Aviation Club visited the Jetblue Airways’ Training Center. Jetblue employees such as pilots, flight attendants, and other crew members receive initial training and recurrent training at the center. At the facility, all of the York students were able to use both the Airbus A319 and Embraer E190 flight simulators. The best part for students was when they were given the opportunity to use the simulators under the direction and instruction of Jetblue flight instructor, Captain Daniel T. Zack.

Through the generous and continuous support of Jetblue Airways, ten students and their instructor, Reeves Gandy, enjoyed complimentary travel on Jetblue to Orlando. The organization continuously supports York College, The CUNY Aviation Institute and the Aviation Club by being part of events such as the Aviation Club’s sponsored Aviation Day. That event featured experts from Jetblue Airways, the Port Authority of New York & New Jersey and the Federal Aviation Administration at an Aviation Career Round Table.  The next Aviation Club Career Day will be held during the coming Spring semester, all York faculty and staff are welcomed to attend. 

The Aviation Club students also received financial support from the York College Association Committee.  Because of the support from York, the NBAA, and JetBlue, York students got the opportunity to experience the world’s largest, purely business aviation trade show and visit JetBlue’s Training Center.

Thank you Jetblue Airways, CUNY Aviation Institute, York College Association, University Aviation Association and National Business Aviation Association for helping us accomplish our mission!