Parking Enforcement

Violation of York College’s Parking Regulations may result in the imposition of fines, revocation of current and future parking privileges, immobilization of vehicles or towing.

Parking Enforcement Violations and Fines

#Violations DescriptionFines
Violations For Vehicle Immobilization (Boot Removal Fee $75 In Addition to the Specified Violation Fee) 
Boot Removal Fee$75
1Displaying a fake or fraudulent parking permit.(BOOT)$100
2Parked vehicles that obstruct traffic.(BOOT)$100
3Vehicles with excessive parking violations.(BOOT)$100
4Illegal entry into the parking lot.(BOOT)$100
5Parking in a reserved parking space.(BOOT)$100
$100 Fine Violations
1Parked in a Handicapped Zone$100
2Parked in a fire lane or access road.$100
$50 Fine Violations
1Failure to Obey Officer's Instructions$50
2Failure to display York College parking permit.$50
3Not parked between lines (occupying more than one parking space)$50
4Parking overnight without authorization.$50
5Parking permit displayed on unauthorized vehicle.$50
6Parking on grass/sidewalk$50
7Parking in active roadway      $50

Appeal Process

If you wish to contest the parking violation charge, a letter may be sent to the Director of Public Safety at York College stating the reason for disputing the ticket. Include a copy of the ticket along with your address and telephone number. You will receive a response in 14 days.