Parking Enforcement

Violation of the College’s Parking Regulations could result in fines, suspension of parking privileges, immobilization of vehicles, towing, withholding of transcripts, and blocking of future parking permits until fines are paid.

A violation tag (ticket) will be attached to a vehicle if it is not parked in accordance with these procedures.

Illegally parked vehicles that interfere with the movement of traffic, or those with excessive violations, are subject to immobilization.  A fee of $50 will be charged to remove the immobilization device, in addition to the penalty for the initial parking violation.

Drivers are expected to cooperate with the Public Safety Officers to help assure the safe use of the parking lots.

Violation Classification

Grade I - $75

  1. Unauthorized use of parking areas reserved for persons with disabilities.

Grade II - $25

  1. Driving in an unsafe manner (Endangering pedestrians, property, other vehicles or drivers; speeding).
  2. Parked in a fire lane or access road.

Grade III - $20

  1. Failure to obey posted traffic signs or instructions from a Public Safety Officer.
Grade IV - $15
  1. Failure to display York College parking permit.
  2. Parking permit improperly displayed.
  3. Not parked between lines.
  4. Parking overnight without authorization.
  5. Parking permit displayed on a vehicle other than that for which it was issued.
  6. Parked on campus with an expired Registration/Inspection sticker.
  7. Parked in a reserved parking space
  8. Parked on grass/sidewalk
  9. Parked in active roadway