Parking in the College’s Parking Lots is by York College Permit only.

All vehicles must be registered with the Public Safety Office to lawfully park on College property. Applications for parking permits are available from the Public Safety Office (Academic Core Building, Room 1M02). All unregistered vehicles as well as vehicles parked in violation of the Parking Regulations that accompany this booklet are subject to penalty.

All fees and fines quoted in these procedures have been approved by the York College Auxiliary Enterprises Corporation and are subject to change without notice. Revenue generated from parking fees and fines is used exclusively to support the operation of the parking lots including maintenance, public safety, repair, construction, lighting, and snow removal.

Parking on the College campus is at the vehicle operator’s risk. The registered driver is responsible for the use of the vehicle on campus. The College is NOT responsible for loss or damage to any registered or other vehicle, its contents, or equipment. The payment of parking fees provide only for the privilege of parking on campus, on a space-available basis.