FAFSA Filing Workshops

FAFSA Filing Workshops are designed to help students apply online for federal and state aid.
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FAFSA Filing Workshops Schedule

AC-Room 1M08

August 2016

ThursdayAugust 412:00 PMAC-1M08
MondayAugust 812:00 PMAC-1M08
TuesdayAugust 912:00 PMAC-1M08
ThursdayAugust 1112:00 PMAC-1M08
TuesdayAugust 1612:00 PMAC-1M08
ThursdayAugust 1812:00 PMAC-1M08
TuesdayAugust 2312:00 PMAC-1M08
TuesdayAugust 3012:00 PMAC-1M08

September 2016 (Time and Date to be announced)

ThursdaySeptember 112:00 PMAC-1M08
TuesdaySeptember 612:00 PMAC-1M08
ThursdaySeptember 812:00 PMAC-1M08
TuesdaySeptember 1312:00 PMAC-1M08
ThursdaySeptember 1512:00 PMAC-1M08
TuesdaySeptember 2012:00 PMAC-1M08
ThursdaySeptember 2212:00 PMAC-1M08
TuesdaySeptember 2712:00 PMAC-1M08
ThursdaySeptember 2912:00 PMAC-1M08

 *All Workshops Start Promptly. Please Arrive 15 Minutes Early*

What You Need To Bring:

Your 2015 Income Tax Return & W-2 form

  1. Parents 2015 Income Tax Return & W-2 form
  2. Your FSA ID (Apply at www.StudentAid.gov/fsaid)
  3. Alien Registration Card (if you are not a citizen)
  4. Parents' Social Security Number
  5. Parents' Date of Birth
  6. Your Social Security Number
  7. Driver's License
  8. Date your parents' were married, divorced, or separated
  9. 2016-17 FAFSA Worksheet (click here) should be completed before attending workshop