What happens to my Financial Aid if I drop a course?

Financial Aid Frequently Asked Questions


When you drop a course(s) once a semester begins, you may lose your TAP award for the next semester.  Your eligibility for the next semester depends on whether you are able to meet the Academic Progress and Program Pursuit requirements for State Aid.

If you drop a course(s) during the Spring semester, going to Summer school without using TAP may prevent you from being ineligible in the Fall.

For Pell

If you drop a course(s) prior to receiving your Pell grant or register for a course but stop attending or never attended, your Pell grant award will be recalculated for your revised credit load and your award may be reduced.  If you drop all your courses after receiving your Pell check, you may be responsible for repaying a portion of your Pell grant.

For Direct and Perkins Loans

If you drop below six credits, you will not be eligible to receive the loan.  You must be carrying at least six credits at the time the check is disbursed to you. If your loan was calculated based on full-time attendance and you become part-time with between six and eleven credits, your need for the loan may change and the amount reduced.  If you drop below six credits after receiving the loan, you will be considered out of school and your grace period on the loan will begin.  If you drop all your courses, as with Pell, you may be responsible for repaying a portion of your award.

What Happens To My Financial Aid If I Drop All My Courses

You will be academically ineligible for TAP, APTS or PT TAP for the next semester if you withdraw completely during a semester in which you are receiving State aid.

Your Federal awards (Pell, SEOG, Direct and Perkins Loans) will be recalculated based upon the percentage of time you attended the semester.  Your tuition charges are calculated separately based upon refund information published in the schedule of classes for that semester.  If your tuition liability exceeds your aid eligibility, you will be billed. If you received Federal aid in excess of your eligibility, you will be billed.