Satisfactory Academic Progress

Federal SAP Guidelines

Federal Satisfactory Academic Progress Guidelines (as of May 24, 2013)

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New York State SAP

*TAP/APTS PROGRESS/PURSUIT CHART Applies to students first receiving aid in 2007-08 through and including 2009-10 and remedial students first receiving aid in 2007-08 and thereafter.

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SAP for Graduate Students

Qualifying for federal and state aid requires that students meet several requirements. Both state and federal guidelines require that students meet certain grade and course completion standards.

Federal Satisfactory Academic Progress Guidelines (as of 5/24/11)

The following information can assist you in planning your course schedule, deciding whether to drop a course or investigating how you can finance your education.

Satisfactory Academic Progress Chart

In order to be making satisfactory academic progress towards a degree, for purpose of receipt of the Title IV Federal Student Assistance, graduate students must meet at least the GPA required for good academic standing at the institution and:

  1. Accumulate credits toward the degree greater than or equal to two-thirds the cumulative credits attempted at the institution.
  2. Not have attempted more than 150% of the credits normally required for completion of the degree. 
Students will be measured against the satisfactory academic progress standard at the end of the spring term to determine eligibility for the receipt of the Title IV student financial assistance for the upcoming year. Students who fail to meet the Federal standards will be notified and informed of their right to petition to waive satisfactory academic progress requirements.   

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2014 York SAP Petition Form

Students who do not meet Satisfactory Academic progress (SAP) standards may not be eligible to receive financial aid. In order to be considered for full financial aid eligibility, a student must submit a petition in writing no later than 30 calendar days after the beginning of the term for which financial aid is being requested.

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