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Student Checklist

Enrollment for the summer and fall semesters will be different this year because York is converting the student enrollment system to CUNYfirst. After you meet with your advisor (April 16th – May 15th is the early advisement period) you need to take care of the following before you can enroll in your classes.
  • Make sure your York College email address is active and use it.  All important college information will come to your York email address.  All CUNYfirst announcements will come there too.  Your private e-mail account cannot be used.

  • When alerted by your York email, you MUST claim your CUNYfirst Account online.
    Go to and follow the instructions to get your account and choose your password.  If you need help, there are step-by-step guides to help you, or sign up for a workshop for hands-on assistance and to learn how to navigate CUNYfirst.

  • As soon as you claim your account you can start to plan your summer and fall schedule in CUNYfirst so that you will be ready when you receive your enrollment appointment time (registration date).  Use the “Planner” function to prepare for your upcoming semesters.

  • Check your York e-mail regularly – you will be notified via e-mail when student enrollment appointments are available for you to check in CUNYfirst.  This is the ONLY notification you will receive. You will need to log into your CUNYfirst account to see your appointment time.

  • The SUMMER schedule will open first.  You will receive another e-mail to notify you when the fall schedule and enrollment appointments are available.

Enroll in your classes and pay your tuition

  • When it is your turn to register, log into CUNYfirst to enroll for your classes.  CUNYfirst uses a shopping cart concept (like Amazon) where you can store various course choices.

  • Only confirm the classes that you plan on taking: pay attention to the system indicators (green circle for open class, blue square for closed).  Once you confirm your class selection your semester schedule is up to date and you can print it out.  Make sure you complete all confirmation steps (eg. you are not enrolled in classes that you leave in your shopping cart).

  • IMPORTANT: When you confirm your classes you are accepting financial responsibility for payment.  You do not need to go to the Bursar's Office to validate your tuition bill. Please be aware that York will NOT mail a bill to your house. A copy of your statement can be printed through your online access to CUNYfirst. If there is an uncovered balance, payment can be made online, via mail or in person at the Bursar's Office.

  • If you have applied for Federal or State Financial Aid the amount of your award should be reflected in your tuition statement. Please follow up with the Financial Aid office if you have questions.  If you drop or swap classes, make sure you understand that it might have an effect on Financial Aid.

  • Check the academic calendar for the deadline to withdraw from classes without financial liability.

  • If you need help, go to the York CUNYfirst website to sign up for a CUNYfirst workshop or use the step by step instructions on how to do what you want – get classes, swap classes, drop classes, etc.

York College Service Desk: (718) 262 5311

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