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June 20, 2008 - Fridays @ first

We are moving quickly to our scheduled Go-Live date for the CUNYfirst General Ledger. Every day, professionals from CUNY, our colleges and Oracle are meeting to determine the readiness for implementation.

The following provides some detail as to our current General Ledger work. The high level of cooperation exists with experts from all aspects of Going-Live – Hosting, Security, Campus and Organizational Readiness, Training and Testing.  It is a team effort and when challenges arise; the teams are working toward solutions so that the systems being readied meet CUNY’s requirements.

General Ledger – Users Acceptance Testing

Starting Monday, June 16, users from around the university (16 campuses and the Central Office) conducted important testing of the General Ledger in a “sandbox” setting – meaning they accessed the system on line from their offices or other remote locations (as they will when the processes are live) to see how the General Ledger performs in real work settings.  Their experiences are essential to helping us evaluate the status of the system.  Two sandbox sessions were completed this week with a third involving professionals from six other campuses will take place Wednesday, June 25.

General Ledger Training

Very positive news to report.  From a grand total of 509 sessions completed by individuals, 187 finance professionals from around CUNY took class #1 – Introduction to CUNYfirst Financials, 167 took class #2 – Chart of Accounts Structure, and 155 completed class #3 – CUNYfirst General Ledger introduction.

The final week of General Ledger Training prior to Go-Live will take place the week of June 23 – 25.  To work in the CUNYfirst General Ledger, an end user must have taken the three training classes that were offered.  Classroom space is available for those who must take the three classes, or those who need to complete one or two remaining classes.

Help Desk

This is a reminder to our General Ledger end user community that after Go-Live, college Help Desk locations will begin their support of CUNYfirst for end users.  On Thursday, June 26, University Help Desk Manager Anna Finn will discuss escalation and distribute collateral to the college Help Desk managers. 

In addition, we will make available to our General Ledger end users the email address and phone number for their local help test team.

Campus Executive Meeting – June 23

CUNYfirst Campus Executives and Key Stakeholders from around the University will meet Monday, June 23.  The key focus of this meeting is to provide a go/no-go decision based upon the Cutover checklist of activities. All colleges have completed their General Ledger Readiness tasks and will be asked for their vote at this meeting.


Security Liaisons trained on PeopleSoft functionality June 17 at Oracle University.  Security Lead Mark Manis will be providing security processes and procedures to the Application Security Liaisons for General Ledger Go-Live.  Those liaisons will receive additional training on June 30 which will include how to add new users to the General Ledger. They will also learn about the Customer Relations Management (CRM) tool from their Help Desk Managers.

Student Administration (Campus Solutions)

This coming week, we have another round of Student Record sessions where student administration professionals will continue to evaluate the configured systems to understand work and process flows.

Human Resources (Human Capital Management)

The first round of meetings on Position Management and Talent Acquisition Management (Recruitment) began this week.  At our sessions, key members of our HR community began evaluating configured HR processes to validate the design of the system for developing future procedures.  An important item of discussion was the significance of the recruiter role within CUNYfirst TAM.  Those assembled see the recruiter role as essential in helping reduce the amount of time it takes to hire a new CUNY employee.

HR sessions continue the next two week for other processes.  Next week the focus for the HCM Team is Workforce Administration

2008 CUNYfirst Community Survey

On Thursday, those were invited to participate in the 2008 CUNYfirst Community Survey – over 6,000 people, received a summary of results.  One of the recommendations that came from the survey was to share the findings.  Campus teams were given the results for the survey as a whole and for their college.  They are working to share those findings within their campus community. Those results will help shape an increase and improvement in communication and campus community involvement.  That summary will be posted Monday on the CUNYfirst website –

CUNYfirst Steering Committee

The CUNYfirst Steering Committee met on June 18, and was given a status report on the Project.  In addition to seeing a demonstration of the CUNYfirst General Ledger, they also continued discussion on Faculty Work Load.