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February 20, 2009 - Fridays at First

CUNYfirst is Coming Soon! The schedule launch of the new HR and Recruiting system is less than six weeks away! While the Project offices are humming with our teams working on new processes for Student Administration and Finance, our focus right now is the upcoming implementation in HR, as it will affect and be available to every CUNY employee.

Human Resources – Human Capital Management (HCM) - Users Acceptance Testing (UAT)

For the first time next week, CUNY professionals will have access to the new CUNYfirst HR system.  Starting Tuesday, Users Acceptance begins the first of its five cycles of tests.  The focus next week is Position Management and Create Job Openings in the new Recruiting module – Talent Acquisition Management (TAM).  The expectation is this cycle will be completed Friday, February 27. 

Each Friday, the testing and HR CUNYfirst Teams will have a conference call to update and explain what we learned in testing and what will be the next steps.  Communication about the call – time and access – will come from this office early next week.

The schedule for UAT:

  • Cycle 1- Position Management and Create Job Opening in TAM
  • Cycle 2 – TAM
  • Cycle 3 – Transfers and Reinstatement and Hiring
  • Cycle 4 – Administer Workforce including Employee Self-Service (ESS) and Manager Self-Service (MSS), Chancellor’s report, and Labor administration
  • Cycle 5 – Rehiring separated employees, Track and report regulatory, System and configuration maintenance and Security Maintenance

Who will attend?  Participants are requested for two consecutive days within a cycle of testing and all campuses may be represented in each cycle.  Campuses are not having UAT for their individual campus, but centralized testing for all.

Training – Human Resources – Human Capital Management

Train the Trainer sessions continued this week, with training on processes for Workforce and Labor Administration and TAM.  Next week, trainers will learn how to teach the following:  TAM, Position Management, Workforce Administration, Manager Self-Service and Introduction to Base HR.  About 60 professionals from around CUNY are learning from the CUNYfirst Training Team how to teach the intricate step-by-step process for working in the new system.  A Training Orientation session is being planned for users on March 5.  Participation and location will be announced soon.

HR Super Users

The first official meeting of Super Users for the HR rollout occurred Thursday with an orientation phone call. HCM Super Users are those designated by leadership at each campus to be the “go to” individuals for the HCM rollout. Super Users are typically those who are technologically advanced, know the legacy system and processes well, and are participating now as either train-the-trainer candidates or members of the team that will test the system in User Acceptance Testing (UAT).
The orientation call covered the basics of what it means to be a super user, how that is different than a member of the peer network, and explained some tools and techniques they will use to help CUNYfirst users – and each other. Once the system is live, there will be an opportunity for interested HR CUNYfirst users to join an informal “peer network” to get more information and to be more involved.
Meanwhile, the next HCM Super Users orientation call will take place next week. The group will begin meeting on a every-other-week basis. For information about this, contact Glenn Small at

Shadow Systems/Reports

On Thursday Feb.19, Ron Knight (process owner designee for HCM) and Jim Russell (Academic Integration Manager) hosted a conference call to help colleges identify needs associated with data and reports in the CUNYfirst environment. Members of I.T. and Human Resources offices from almost every college participated on the call.  Campus team members had the opportunity to ask question covering a wide range of topics including data cleansing and the need to address certain campus data requirements such as date of birth or historical data on recently separated employees.  Especially useful on this call was the identification of an additional data element in one of the already developed reports that will allow that single report to now replace several additional legacy reports.  Participants indicated that they found the session useful and a second session is being developed for next week.

Human Resources – From Vice Chancellor Waters

Vice Chancellor Gloriana Waters is sending an email letter to every CUNY employee about the upcoming HR launch, explaining the changes in general; writing about training and explaining how it will be introduced. 

An excerpt:

What impact will the new HR system have on me?

The new HR module is going live this spring.  It will affect our CUNY community in four ways: 

    • Our core HR functions are be handled differently;
    • Every CUNY HR professional will have new tools to assist managers and supervisors in the hiring process, and to manage the college’s human resources more efficiently;
    • Managers and supervisors also will have new tools for managing staff and recruiting new hires; and
    • When fully implemented, the system will allow employees to review their personal information for accuracy.

How will it be introduced?

Our plan is to implement our core functions this spring and give our HR professionals a few months to get comfortable utilizing their new tools.  Then, CUNYfirst will go live to the faculty and staff of the entire University and all employees will have the opportunity to review their own employee information and contact their HR office if it needs editing or updating. 

A copy of the letter can be read on the front page of the Project website –

Student Services – Registrars and the Course Catalog

Scheduled to go live at the same time as the new HR and Recruiting systems is the new Course Catalog module for our Vanguard Colleges, Queens and Queensborough.  This system is the key building block for making class schedules, faculty and adjunct assignments, along with rooms and laboratories.  At the outset, they will build a catalog from their own college offering, then later in the spring, they will add catalogs from all CUNY colleges, as students in CUNYfirst will get to view all course offerings around the university.  Users Acceptance Testing continues next Tuesday, February 24, following two successful testing sessions.  After testing is completed, the nearly three dozen professionals who will need access to the Course Catalog at Queens and Queensborough will go through training so they can begin their new work when the system goes live.


Communication Liaisons began a series of weekly meetings, focused on the HR implementation.  The team is focused on communication surrounding training, to make sure those scheduled for classes sign up.  A new series of material is being created to help spread that message.   The focus remains:  Introduction, Access and Support.

The Week Ahead – February 9 -13

Student fit/gap sessions, known as Conference Room Pilots (CRP) begin Tuesday February 24 for Wave Two Colleges – specifically, sessions on Student Records, Financial Aid and Student Financials.  Sessions will run through the late winter and spring for all three areas.

Users Acceptance Testing - Campus Solutions - Vanguard Rollout 1
555 W. 57th - 10th Floor Training Room

Tue, Feb 24

9:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Financial Aid CRP - For Vanguard and Wave Two Colleges Only
Murphy Institute - W. 43rd Street - 19th Floor - Room 19B

9:15 AM – 3:15 PM

Wave 2 Student Records - CRP Session
Joseph S. Murphy Institute/ CUNY - 25 W 43rd Street - 19th Floor

9:15 AM – 4:00 PM

Student Financials - Wave Two Bursars CRP Kickoff
John Jay College - 10th Avenue and 58th Street - Room 606

9:30 AM – 4:30 PM


Wave 2 Student Records - CRP Session
Joseph S. Murphy Institute/ CUNY - 25 W 43rd Street - 19th Floor

Wed, Feb 25

9:15 AM – 4:00 PM

Student Financials - Wave Two Bursars CRP
John Jay College - 10th Avenue and 58th Street - Room 606

9:30 AM – 4:30 PM


Financial Aid CRP - For Vanguard and Wave Two Colleges Only
230 W. 41st - 10th Floor Conference Room

Thu, Feb 26

10:00 AM – 4:00 PM