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April 24, 2009 - Fridays @ First

Members of the CUNYfirst Core Team presented an update to the Campus Executives about the Project with a focus on upcoming launches and the effort needed to get to Go-Live.

Project Update

Members of the CUNYfirst Core Team presented an update to the Campus Executives about the Project with a focus on upcoming launches and the effort needed to get to Go-Live.

CUNYfirst is scheduled to bring up the following processes, with go-live currently scheduled for mid/late June:

  • HR/Recruiting (Human Capital Management (HCM) /Talent Acquisition Management (TAM))
  • Campus Solutions – Course Catalog (All Campuses)/Schedule of Classes (Queens College and Queensborough CC)
  • Line Item Budgeting

The next rollout this fall will include:

  • Faculty Workload
  • HCM – Mass Salary Updates
  • HCM – Mass Appointments/Terminations
  • Other Budgeting Processes

A decision to go live will come upon completion of Users Acceptance Testing, Training, Data Validation, Conversion and Uploading, Assigning Security Profiles for all users, Post-Deployment Resources and Campus Readiness. These key tasks are the steps campuses need to complete for being ready to launch.

Human Resources (HCM/TAM) – Data Validation

Data validation continued this week as our teams worked to fill the gaps in key information that was missing or unavailable in CUPS (City University Personnel System), including email addresses, employees with multiple Social Security Numbers and budget information.  A conference call will be conducted on Monday will assess if the data has been “cleansed” enough to provide it to Oracle to begin the conversion of employee records into CUNYfirst.  At the end of May, the final updating of data will include who an employee reports to, their new functional titles and security profiles based on their roles in the HCM system.  Tasks to cutover to the new system and replace CUPS as the HR system of record will follow.

The success of getting our data cleaned and ready is an example of the leadership and commitment of our HR professionals to the success of CUNYfirst.  We have asked a lot from them and they’ve come through at they do with their commitment to excellent customer service to their college and university offices colleagues.

HR – UAT Update

Users Acceptance Testing went well this week as we move toward wrapping up this key part of our preparation.  The target date to end testing is May 8.  We are currently in the final cycle that will conclude with what is called Regression Testing.  At the end, we will retest the key critical business functions of the modules to make sure that any updates or fixes conform to CUNY requirements and work with other elements it might affect in the HCM and TAM modules. And because CUNYfirst is an integrated system, we will also regression test to see that it works in an environment that is already running the General Ledger, the Customer Relations Management (CRM) and Enterprise Learning Management (ELM) systems.

Student Administration (Campus Solutions) – Financial Aid

Earlier this week, our Financial Aid Subject Matter Experts carried out their “homework” for configuring the new CUNYfirst FA system, scheduled to go live during Wave Two (2010). Working with the Project Team, the SME’s worked to complete needed information, including scholarship awarding and checklists students need to work through to get financial aid.  There will be more information gathered and added as the work sessions continue May 5th and 6th.

General Ledger Update

As a reminder CUNYfirst General Ledger is not available to users to allow the loading of historical data (i.e. 2007 & 2008).  Additionally, 2009 data is being re-run to more accurately reflect the changes in the mapping between FAS and CUNYfirst.  We anticipate that CUNYfirst will be available to the user population on Wednesday, April 29, 2009.

After this effort, CUNYfirst will contain two years of historical data and will contain beginning balances for FY 2009.

Questions can be directed to:, or

And we close out this edition to send out special thanks and our appreciation to the team at LaGuardia Community College which hosted us at their Town Hall meeting April 17.  It was very well attended and their project leads for Finance, HR, Student Services and Communication explained what CUNYfirst is and what it will mean to their colleagues.  Thanks again for a very informative time.