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CUNYfirst Information for Staff

Advantages of CUNYfirst

  • Staff members will have a single user name and password for all CUNYfirst applications.
  • You can directly connect via the Internet to CUNYfirst Portal from any location. CUNYfirst is not connected to the current CUNY Portal.
  • Staff Self Service Documents

    Human Resources Self-Service

    CUNYfirst offers staff members a direct way of maintaining much of their personal information:

    • View, on demand, your personal information and work history.
    • Change your personal e-mail addresses (your York e-mail address must remain your primary address), emergency contacts, and professional memberships.
    • Provide documentation to update changes and confirm current information for your:
      • Home address
      • Marital Status
      • Name Change
      • Social Security Number
      • New or re-submitting I-9
      • New or advanced degrees
      • Honors and certifications

      Campus Solutions: Instruction and Advising

      Staff members who provide advising services to students will have easier access to information, using Advanced Advisement Tools:

      • See, in real time, student transcripts, current class schedule, and contact information, with the ability to contact students directly through CUNYfirst.
      • E-mail an individual student or all your student advisees.
      • Contact your advisee’s instructors through CUNYfirst.
      • A University-wide standard process will post grades electronically. This will enable quicker postings to student transcripts, which will support timely registration for pre- and corequisite requirements.
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