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CUNYfirst: Sr. College Procurement Requisitions - Update

To: All Requesters, Approvers and Other New Users of CUNYfirst Procurement. Please note the following regarding Business Units which I hope will clarify how to make your selection when creating a Requisition or conducting any other business in CUNYfirst Financials:
  • Procurement was implemented to conduct business through your Tax-Levy "GL" (General Ledger) Business Unit and through no other.
    • a. All procurement transactions are created for payment by either the City or State.
    • b. All new Users added to the system for the launch this month are configured for State purchase orders and payments. (The Community Colleges, funded by the City were launched last June.)
  • The GL Business Unit is where the Procurement Expenditures are recorded.
    • a. Example--Colleges: HTR01= Hunter Tax Levy, CTY01= City College Tax Levy; BKL01=Brooklyn College Tax Levy
    • b. Central: COCOM = (Central Office Community) Central Office Funded by the City of New York; COSEN (Central Office Senior)=Central Office Funded by the State of New York.
  • To create transactions in Procurement (Requisitions, Purchase Orders, Receipts, PO's Vouchers) you must enter a Procurement Business Unit
    • a. The Procurement Business unit ends in "PR" (LEHPR=Lehman Procurement; CSIPR=Staten Island Procurement; COSPR=Central Office State-funded Procurement; COCPR=Central Office City-funded Procurement).
    • b. The XXXPR (Procurement) Business Unit automatically charges the associated "GL" Business Unit. (A Requisition created in GRDPR will automatically charge GRD01 in the chartfields. A COSPR requisition will automatically charge COSEN in the chartfields.
  • Defaults:
    • a. If you are a new User in the Financial Pillar of CUNYfirst, your "XXXPR" Business Unit should default for you when you create a new procurement transaction.
      • i. If it does not, it must be available to you in the drop-down for selection.
    • b. If you have already had access to the Financial Pillar of CUNYfirst, your default will remain as it was; in this case…
      • i. If you had access to budget information or the GL, your default may be the "xxx01" (GL) business unit or "COSEN" for Central Users; the BU must be changed to the Procurement Business Unit (XXXPR) in order to create the transaction.
      • ii. If you are a Central Office Requester or Approver, and your Business Unit defaults to COCPR or COCOM, please change it to “COSPR” in order to access the newly launched State-funded procurement transactions for Central Office