Teacher Education Students Make a Difference at York

Teacher Education Students Make a Difference at York
Teacher Education Students Make a Difference at York

Summer Workshop

Over the past summer and into the fall, York College’s Teacher Education Students have made a large and positive impact at York College and the community. They have been involved in the Teacher Explorers program, PESE Workshop, an abstract was accepted for the National Geological Society of America meeting, Mathematic and Science Teacher (MaST) Scholars visited Washington DC, and they made an impact on NY Cares Day.

Teacher Explorers and the SEMAA program

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Congratulations to our Teacher Explorers that participated in the SEMAA program this summer. The Teacher Explorers program was designed for students who are just beginning to consider teaching. The program involved working as a classroom assistant in the Space Engineering Mathematic Aerospace Academy at York College. Several current MaST Scholars served as mentors to the Teacher Explorers.  The SEMAA program has a long history of hands-on science, in which these lucky students gain exposure to the field of education. The students that participated in the program were Nneka Wallace, Neeta Sidat, Jason Pierre, Stephen Persaud, Jenell Mohamed, Victoria Lang, Akhtar Harrison, Juliet George, Fatima Flores, Suying Chang, Peter Carmichael, Fredy Calle and William Bailey.

Pathways to Earth Science Education (PESE): Exciting Adventure for Teens



This past summer, the Pathways to Earth Science Education brought an exciting program to Seventy-five lucky teens. These fortunate teens received $200 stipend, through a grant from the National Science Foundation, to learn about the wonders of Earth Science.  York College’s Geology Department, Dean Meleties and his office, three earth Science/Education 7-12 students in the MaST Scholars program, in conjunction with the Urban Divers and Bronx Community College, facilitated the program. The program had insightful lecturers from the Geology Department as well as guest lecturers such as Dr. Ford from the Borough of Manhattan Community College, Ludger Balan from the Urban Divers and Dr. Phillip from the Bronx Community College. Kathleen Robbins, Nneka Wallace and Peter Carmichael taught the second half of the day with hands-on activities, labs and technology-based activities.  Feedback from students indicates that the program was a smashing success!

Research by Teacher Education Students to be Presented at the National Geological Society of America Meeting


Under the mentorship of Dr. Leslie Keiler, the abstract written by Kathleen Robbins, Peter Carmichael, and Nneka Wallace was accepted to the annual Geological Society of America annual meeting in Denver, Colorado. Their study focused on how to excite urban adolescent students about the wonders of Earth Science. The data was collected from the Pathways to Earth Science workshop held this past summer. Ms. Wallace, Ms. Robbins and Mr. Carmichael also taught successfully in these workshops. Kathleen Robbins and Dr. Keiler will be presenting the research on behalf of the research team in Denver, Colorado on November 2nd, 2010.

MaST Scholars travel to Washington

MaST Scholars in Washington

In the beginning of July of this year, Fatima Flores, Kathleen Robbins and Dr. Keiler traveled to Washington D.C. for the National Science Foundation’s Robert Noyce Scholarship Program conference. York’s Education Department presented a poster of their recruitment methods and current scholars presented their research along with other scholars attending the conference. They attended such workshops as Making the Most of Digital Learning Resources for STEM with the National Science Digital, Productive Classroom Culture Library and Using Public Representations of Students' Thinking to Drive Evidence‐Based Reasoning. Kathleen Robbins summed the experienced up best when she said:”What was really nice was the opportunity to hear from new teachers about their struggles and successes.  It was nice to feel part of a larger community of like-minded educators where everyone is willing to help us fledgling teachers."

Future Teachers Help Revitalize P.S. 40

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On Saturday, October 23rd, 2010 a group of future teachers took time out of their busy schedules to help revitalize P.S. 40 in Jamaica. The group of teacher felt it was hard work but it was also fun as they helped reorganize the school. Special thanks to Jazzmine Randolph, Douglas Wasserman, Ashley-Ann Cruz, Peter Carmichael, Neeta Sidat and Nneka Wallace for their effort. P.S. 40’s administration was very gracious to the volunteers as they provide lunch on the house for them. 

Article written by: PJ Carmichael 

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