Faculty / Staff

Teacher Education

Department Chair

Fusco, Dana
O: AC-1D12

Dr. Fusco is currently serving as the Howland Endowed Chair at the University of Minnesota and will return to her teaching position in the Fall of 2012.

For the past twenty years, Dr. Fusco’s research has focused on youth development and afterschool leading to increased national and international recognition. Recently she was the Keynote Speaker at the History of Youth Work conference in Minnesota and presented at the International Conference on Youth Work and Youth Studies in Glasgow. She serves on a national panel of leaders in youth work, the Next Generation Coalition, has authored dozens of peer-reviewed articles and produced the documentary, When School Is Not Enough. Her most recent work is an edited volume to be published later this year entitled, Advancing Youth Work: Current Trends, Critical Questions.

Full-Time Faculty

Bai, Xin
Assistant Professor
O: AC-4G03
Xin Bai is an assistant professor of Educational Technology in Department of Teacher Education at York College, City University of New York. She earned her doctorate in Instructional Technology & Media from Teachers College at Columbia University. Xin's research focuses on educational games/simulations, intelligent tutoring systems, and e-learning. Her work is built on the research done on cognitive science, artificial intelligence, and educational technologies.

Baron, Lindamichelle
Assistant Professor
O: AC-1D12
Qualitative study of the development and implementation of a new framework for the New York City Folktale Storytelling Festival: Descriptive Study of New York City Folktale Storytelling Festival: Cultural Implications for African American Students. Descriptive study of the use of poetry as a tool for developing social and emotional learning in middle school children. The use of reflective practice in teacher education and its implications for improved instruction

Gerena, Linda
Associate Professor
O: AC-1D12A
Linda Gerena received her Ph.D. in Educational Policy/Bilingual Education from San Diego State University, an MA in TESOL and an MA in Urban/Bilingual Education. Her professional interests are bilingual education, second language acquisition theory and pedagogy, effective teaching practices for K-12 ELLs, and dual immersion bilingual education. Since 2009, Dr. Gerena has been researching issues pertaining to ELLs and F-ELLs in an NSF grant investigating urban secondary school transformation. In 2012, Dr. Gerena received the prestigious US Department of State Fulbright Scholar Award. She spent a semester exploring bilingualism and bilingual programs in Madrid, Spain. As a US State Department English Language Specialist, she recently provided professional development for bilingual teachers in Castilla La Mancha and Extremadura, Spain. At York College, Dr. Gerena prepares highly qualified teachers who provide effective instruction for linguistically and culturally diverse students.

Keiler, Leslie
Associate Professor
O: AC-1D12D

My research involves exploring the impacts of inquiry-based learning experiences and the best ways to support teachers in their development of this pedagogy. Research clearly demonstrates that the central factor in the quality of students’ educational experiences is the teacher. My own research includes analyses of the best ways to prepare teachers for meeting the instructional challenges of urban classrooms in the 21st century. A substantial need persists for high quality professional development experiences for teachers at both the K-12 and university levels. My expertise includes both implementing and researching the impacts of professional development experiences.

Schillinger, Trace
Clinical Professor

Professor Emeriti

Shilling, Wynne
Professor Emeritus
O: AC-1D12

Part-Time Faculty

 Shale, Sheila, Adjunct Lecturer

College Laboratory Technician


 Misir, Regina, Manager, Teacher Education Services

 Pozo, Isabel, CUNY Office Assistant