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Department Chair

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Rosenthal, Beth
Rosenthal, Beth
O: AC-3B03

Dr. Rosenthal is a Professor of Social Work at York College and The Graduate Center. She teaches social research and social policy. Her research focuses on 1) stressors (e.g., perceived racial discrimination, experience with domestic violence, experience with serious accidents) and psycho-social outcomes (e.g., Posttraumatic Stress Disorder symptoms, college performance, upper respiratory illness) among older adolescents; and on 2) resilience factors (e.g., emotional social support, religiosity, sense of personal control, emotional reactivity) that protect older adolescents from negative outcomes to stressors. Dr. Rosenthal has received four continuous NIH grants covering the period 1996-2013. She has mentored more than 2 dozen students in multiple disciplines. Dr. Rosenthal is considered one of 15 “leading U.S. social work researchers” in undergraduate social work programs; she recently received the York College Presidential Award for Scholarship

Professor Emeriti

Part-Time Faculty

 Koyama, Jill, Adjunct Assistant Professor

 Santangelo, Antonia, Adjunct Lecturer

College Laboratory Technician


 Araya, Mesfin, Associate Professor

 Nanda, Radhika, Adjunct Lecturer