Math/CS Club

Math/CS Club talks will be held weekly during the academic year. Talks will be help on Wednesdays from 12pm - 1pm in the conference room of the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science (AC/2C07) unless otherwise noted. Talks will focus on mathematics and computer science topics. In addition, once a month a talk on mathematics education will be held. For more information and/or to be added to the Math/CS Club e-mail list, please contact Dr. Lidia Gonzalez at


  • are accessible to a general audience.
  • assume little or no previous knowledge.
  • cover a wide selection of topics.
  • encourage audience participation.
  • are not boring or  stuffy.

Recent Math/CS talks include:

  • The Game of Life.
  • The mathematics of billiards.
  • Secret Sharing.
  • Proofs Without Words.
  • A history of infinity.
  • Graduate School in the Mathematical Sciences.

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