Faculty / Staff

Meet the faculty and staff of the mathematics and computer science department

Department Chair

Sunmonu, Adefemi
O: AC-2C07

Ordinary differential equations, fluid mechanics, parallel programming, programming languages, numerical analysis, integral equations, wavelets, radial basis functions.

Full-Time Faculty

Amenyo, John-Thones
Assistant Professor
O: AC-2C07

Biosensor Arrays for Mosquito Vector Control, Environmental Monitoring, Entomological Surveillance

UAV Multicopter Drones for Mosquito Vector Control in Malaria Disease Management

Human-Machine Collaboration in End-User Parallel Programming (EUPP) for High-Performance Computing heterogeneous inter-networked multi-core, many-core computer architectures.

Applications of massively parallel computing to Computational STEM

Neuronal CDMA, Neural Spread-Spectrum

Neuro-Architecture Model: implementing (natural, artificial) minds and (biologically inspired) cognitive architectures on (natural, artificial and biologically plausible) brains/CNS

Computation Architecture models of CNS / Brain / Mind / Neuro-Glia interactions

EDC/FT Hyper-informatics. Inter-operability automation and autonomics of cyber-infrastructures, emergency, disaster, crisis informatics

Babaali, Parisa
Assistant Professor
O: AC-2C07C

My current research focuses on probabilistic methods in formal languages and automata theory, random generation of finite deterministic and minimal automata, weighted automata and their recognition power. I am also interest is in statistics and its applications in mathematics education.

I am the coordinator of Precaculus and teach a variety of courses, among which are Precalculus, Calculus I,II,III, Discrete Mathematics, Elementary and Intermediate Statistics, Probability, and Automata Theory. I am very interested in mentoring students, both as a research adviser and as a career consultant.

Bell, Bernard
O: AC-2D06

Carella, Nelson
Adj Lecturer
O: AC-2C07

Carta-Gerardino, Edoardo
Assistant Professor
O: AC-2D04

Weighted automata are powerful finite-state machines in which the transitions have weights associated to them. Dr. Carta studies weighted automata and their connection to formal languages.

Recurrence equations define sequences using recursion. Dr Carta's current research deals with recursively defined sequences of elements from a semiring, and their connection to weighted automata.

Pushdown automata (PDAs) are computational models, particularly useful in compiler design and linguistics. Dr. Carta studies PDAs, viewed as weighted automata, and context-free languages, viewed as algebraic objects.

Coen, Robert
O: AC-1E03

D'Alotto, Lou
O: AC-2C07

Daher, Samira
O: AC-2D05

Gonzalez, Lidia
Assistant Professor
O: AC-2C07D
Dr. Lidia Gonzalez holds a Bachelor of Science and Master of Arts in Mathematics Education from New York University after which she worked for seven years as a mathematics teacher at Washington Irving HS, a comprehensive public school in NYC. She earned a Ph.D. in Urban Education from the CUNY Graduate Center in 2008. Dr. Gonzalez’s research interests focus broadly on the teaching and learning of mathematics with the aim of improving the educational experiences of urban youth. More specifically she is interested in teaching of mathematics for social justice, mathematics identity and professional development/teacher training. She is currently working on a study of the development of mathematical identity among college students as well as on a study of the impact of the MAA and AAUW-funded York Tensor Scholars Program that she directs. Dr. Gonzalez is enjoying her work at York College.

Hendricks, Paul
Adj Lecturer
O: AC-2C07

Hudon, Kara
Research Assistant- Mathematics Professional Development
O: AC-1D07

Jain, Shweta
Assistant Professor
O: AC-2D03

My research interests are in wireless and mobile networking in general. More recently, I have been working on protocols for mobility and content based networks. For more details about what I have been upto prior to joining York, please visit http://www.winlab.rutgers.edu/~sjain. If you are interested in experimentation using GENI testbed, visit my blog at http://geni.commons.gc.cuny.edu/. My most recent work with undergraduate research is available at http://sond.commons.gc.cuny.edu/

Mawyer, Farley
O: AC-2C07

Nath, Rishi
Associate Professor
O: AC-2C07B
Dr. Nath first became interested in mathematics at the University of Chicago where he attended various courses on group theory and Lie algebras given by Professors Jon Alperin and George Glauberman. After completing a Masters degree at Brandeis University, he returned to Chicago where he completed his PhD in the representation theory of the symmetric and alternating groups under the direction of Professor Paul Fong at the University of Illinois. Dr. Nath has a longstanding interest in math education. He taught math at Bronzeville Alternative High School in the South Side of Chicago and with the Franklin Summer Program (Phillips Brooks House, Harvard University). Originally from the Boston area, he currently lives in Queens.

Pritchard, Freya
O: AC-2C08

Thompson, Virginia
Doctoral Lecturer
O: AC-2D05
Born and raised in South Jamaica (Queens, NY) as a child of eleven, Dr. Virginia Thompson often would pass by York College, aspiring to be an insider, not just an outsider looking in. In 1993, her aspiration came to fruition when she was given the opportunity to enter as a freshman at York College, and was encouraged to follow her dreams in studying mathematics. She obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics from York College in 1998, which laid an excellent foundation for her as she continued her studies at Teachers College (Columbia University). There, she acquired her Master of Arts degree in Mathematics Education in 2000, and went on to complete a doctoral degree in Mathematics Education. Recently York College invited Dr. Thompson to teach in the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science as a Doctoral Lecturer. She was eager and elated to return back to her home, and teach along with faculty members who once taught her.

Wang, Vivian
Assistant Professor
O: AC-2D03
I have completed my graduate study with major in mathematics at Oklahoma State University, and I have received my PhD at the end of 2009. My research interests include stochastic control theory, stochastic differential equations, nonlinear dynamical systems, nonlinear partial differential equations, and numerical analysis.

Wojciechowski, Radoslaw
Assistant Professor
O: AC-2C07E
My mathematical journey began at Indiana University from which I graduated in 2001. Following this, I came to New York City and obtained my doctorate from the Graduate Center of the City University of New York in 2008. I was then a postdoc at the Group of Mathematical Physics of the University of Lisbon in Portugal before coming to York College in the fall of 2010. My main research interests include properties of the heat equation on infinite graphs and spectral graph theory. Since coming to York, I have enjoyed teaching a wide variety of classes and interacting with students at all levels. For more information concerning my research, please follow the link above.

Zhang, Danyang
Associate Professor
O: AC-2D04

Content-based image retrieval (or CBIR) is to search for similar looking digital images
by contents such as shape, color, pattern, and other features. He is interested in various
topics in this area, including usability, visualization, and matching algorithms.
He is also interested in designing and developing network protocols for different computer
networks like wired networks and sensor networks to enhance their performance.
He likes doing research in graph theory and ubiquitous computing as well.

Professor Emeriti

Malkevitch, Joseph
Professor Emeritus
O: AC-2C07

Part-Time Faculty

 Adelson, Mark, Adjunct

 Ara, Nicholas, Adjunct Lecturer

 Artanmoshin, Sergei, Adjunct

 Baslaw, Richard, Adjunct

 Carella, Nelson, Adjunct

 Haynes, Lyndon, Adjunct

 Hendricks, Paul, Adjunct

 Ivinolakan, Olawule, Adjunct

 Riesenberg, Nathaniel, Adjunct

 Thrall, Lou, Adjunct

College Laboratory Technician


 Dalton, Stephen, Adjunct Lecturer

 Shaw, Adriana, College Assistant

 Taniey, Irene, Administrative Assistant

 Zhang, Yitong, Adjunct