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Health Professions

Department Chair

Davidson, Emily
Associate Professor
O: SC-112B

Dr. Davidson is the Associate Director of the York College Physician Assistant Program.  She teaches courses in Physical Diagnosis, Geriatric Medicine and Clinical Correlations - the capstone course for PA students.  Her clinical experience spans more than 30 years and includes experience as a Pulmonary Technician, Physician Assistant, Chiropractor, and Cancer Guide.  Her research interests include geriatric medicine and integrative medicine.  Her research in the scholarship of teaching and learning has focused on inquiry into methods of teaching and learning medical writing - especially when working with English L2 students.

Full-Time Faculty

Beckerman, Bernard
Associate Professor
O: SC-115A

Dr. Beckerman is an Associate Professor in the Physician Assistant Program within the Department of Health Professions and is Board Certified in Emergency Medicine.  He has spent 30 years as a practicing physician in large, very busy emergency departments within the New York City area.  He also has a long-standing interest in Emergency Medical Services and serves in numerous positions in EMS in Nassau County, NY.  In addition, he is currently the Deputy Chief for Medical Affairs, Department Surgeon and Medical Director for the Plainview Fire Department.

Brugna, Robert
Associate Professor
O: SC-112C

DePalma, Helene
Associate Professor
O: SC-004A
Helene DePalma is an associate professor in York College’s Clinical Laboratory Sciences Program in the Department of Health Professions. She teaches courses in Immunohematology, Hematology, Molecular Pathology and Laboratory Management. Her professional experience includes over 25 years of laboratory management in various hospital and blood center clinical laboratories. Her expertise and research interests include laboratory management, quality assurance and transfusion medicine, particularly blood group genomics.

Graffeo, John
Associate Professor
O: SC-112A

Pavletich, Kathleen
O: AC-

Rampersaud, Edward
Doctoral Lecturer
O: SC-112F

Shearin-Patterson, Tonya
Assistant Professor
O: SC-008

I received my instruction and training from St. John’s University and St. Vincent’s Hospital and have been a Clinical Laboratory Scientist for 20 years. I am proficient in all areas of the laboratory but my specialties are Microbiology and Hematology.  I have trained students during their internships and now have the privilege to teach future laboratory scientists at York College.  My hands on experience enable me to bring practical experience to the classroom.

Williams, Shawn
Assistant Professor
O: SC-115B
Dr. Williams, DC, PhD is an Assistant Professor at CUNY York College, and has obtained sub-specialty certifications in Functional Medicine, Clinical Biomechanics of Posture, and Chiropractic Pediatrics. Dr. Williams’ clinical and scholarly works are in the area of public health and health promotion/prevention. He is an expert peer reviewer for various clinical and anatomical journals. His interests include methodological and conceptual issues of service learning and civic engagement; theoretical contributions to regeneration medicine; and examining the role of chiropractic and complementary/alternative healthcare within the larger health care system (organization, financing, utilization, practice/provision, policy).

Professor Emeriti

Part-Time Faculty

 Barthelemy, Wanda, Adjunct Lecturer

 Goldstein, Elizabeth, Adjunct Associate Professor

 St.Martin, Manuel, Adjunct Associate Professor

College Laboratory Technician

 Kier, Jayne, CLT

 Louis, Jennifer, CLT

 Sivarajah, Nanthakumary, CLT


 Grant, Jacqueline, Adjunct Associate Professor

 Lavin, Joanne, Professor

 Orlowski, Barbara, Assistant to Higher Education Officer

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