Faculty / Staff

Full time faculty teach in the Foreign Languages, ESL & Humanities Department.

Department Chair

Salek, Fabiola
Associate Professor
O: AC-3C11
Fabiola Salek holds a Ph.D. in Spanish with a concentration in Gender and Film from Arizona State University. As a consequence of her parents being in exile during the dictatorships in Bolivia, she spent her childhood living in Europe. Therefore, the importance of human rights, acquiring different languages, and a widely diverse cultural background became clear to her early in life. In 2006 she joined York College as an Assistant Professor and Coordinator of Women’s Studies. In 2011 she became the Chair of the Department of FL, ESL & Humanities. Her research on film and contemporary culture focuses on human rights, immigration, gender, and the construction of identity and nationality. She has contributed with book chapters, journals, and presented at numerous conferences. She co-edited Screening Torture: Media Representations of State Terror and Political Domination for Columbia UP (2012). She is currently co-editing the book Screening Terror & Terrorism for Columbia UP.

Full-Time Faculty

Bahri, Hamid
Assistant Professor
O: AC-3C10
Hamid Bahri is Assistant Professor of French and Francophone Studies. He also serves as Study Abroad Advisor. He teaches literatures and cultures of the Francophone world as well as elementary French classes. His research interests span the postcolonial North Africa and the Arab world, translation, cultural studies and film. He is currently examining the theme of ethnicities, race and the myth of origin in North Africa.

Ballantyne, Margaret
O: AC-3C08A

It is crucial to me to weave together the 3 strands of my YC career: teaching, scholarship, service. I strive to engage students in the 25+ courses in Spanish, ESL, Hum., World Lit & Cultural Diversity courses I have taught. My research leads to curricular revisions & innovations.  Nowhere is the overlap of classroom-library-community as clear as in Translation. My experiences (translator for Avis,Garden City; legal interpreter in Providence, RI; ongoing pro-bono translator for my parish & for adoptive parents;interpreter for the Mineola School District), connect to my teaching & to my many published translations. In the 1990's the OAA subsidized a student-staffed Spanish translation service which I directed. Students translated documents for individuals & for entities including YAI & Jamaica Hospital. Classroom theory & practice came alive as students gained career experience & contributed to the community.

Barnes, Aegina
O: AC-3C11

Drago, Margarita
Associate Professor
O: AC-3D10
Margarita Drago is originally from Argentina. As an ex-political prisoner and writer she has represented Argentina in congresses in the United States, Brazil, Peru, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Honduras, El Salvador, Spain, and France. She has published articles in newspapers and literary, educational, and human rights magazines as well as articles on pedagogy of teaching children. She has also published chapters from her doctoral dissertation: Sister María de Jesús Tomelín (1579-1637), Conceptionist from Puebla de Los Ángeles: A Failed Construction of a Saint. In 2007 Editorial Campana published her memoirs from prison: Memory Tracks: Fragments from Prison (1975-1980) which recounts her memories as an Argentinean political prisoner from 1975 to 1980. In 2012 she published Con la memoria al ras de la garganta (poetry). Dr. Drago has been invited to national and international symposiums, conferences and congresses.

Francois, Jean
Associate Professor
O: AC-3C08D

Ghelli, Samuel
Assistant Professor
O: AC-3D09
A native of Italy, Dr. Ghelli moved to the United States in 1994 after studying at the University of Florence and received his Ph.D. in Italian in 2005 from the Department of Italian at Rutgers University In the fall of 2008, Dr. Ghelli joined the Department of Foreign Languages, ESL, and Humanities at York College, where he teaches Italian and World Literature courses.

Gutierrez, Franklin
O: AC-3C08B

Meddeb, Elizabeth
Associate Professor
O: AC-3C08C

Elizabeth Meddeb is Associate Professor of English as a Second Language (ESL) and Humanities. She also serves as the Coordinator of ESL. She teaches advanced composition courses to non-native speakers of English, as well as several core courses in linguistics and the humanities.  Her research interests include the interaction between technology and language use and conversation analysis. She is currently working on a study that investigates how speech recognition technology shapes both spoken and written language use for  speakers of non-standard varieties of American English. This study is an outgrowth of her dissertation research at Columbia University and her professional work experience at IBM's T J Watson Research Center.

Ramos, Juana
O: AC-3C08E
Juana M. Ramos was born in Santa Ana, El Salvador. She has been living in New York since 1990. She is a writer, poet and educator.From 1999 to 2007 she was an adjunct lecturer in the Department of Foreign Languages at York College. In 2007 she became a full time Lecturer of Spanish at the same institution where she currently teaches. As a poet she has participated and represented her country in different poetry conferences and cultural activities in New York City, México, Spain, Dominican Republic, Colombia, Honduras,Cuba, and Puerto Rico. In June 2010 she published her first poetry book Multiplicada en mí. Her poems have also appeared in the XIII and XIV Anthologies of the International Poetry Conference in Zamora, México; Poetas latinos en Nueva York, México, D.F., and in digital journals/blogs. She is also a co-founder of the literary group "Coordenadas".

Rivera-Valdes, Sonia
O: AC-3D10

Sonia Rivera-Valdés is a writer, literary and film critic and a professor of Spanish Language and Literature at York College. She was born in Cuba, and now lives in New York. In January of 1997, she won the Casa de Las Américas literary prize, one of the most prestigious awards in Latin American, with Las historias prohibidas de Marta Veneranda, a short story book about the intimate lives of Latino immigrants in New York. Her second book, Historias de mujeres grandes y chiquitas, was published by Editorial Campana, New York, in 2003. The translation of this book to English, Stories of Little Women and Grown Up Girls, will be published by Ed. Campana by the end of 2006. Sonia's articles and stories ha ve been extensively published in anthologies and literary magazines in the United States and other countries.

Saad, Zohra
Assistant Professor
O: AC-3D09
As an Assistant-Professor of ESL and French at York College, I put my training in second language acquisition into practice teaching both English as a Second Language and French as a Foreign Language. I am also the coordinator for the French discipline. Having grown in a multilingual, multicultural country, I have always been fascinated by languages and their expressive capability as well as their importance to the identity of the individual. Having experienced first-hand the implementation of Arabization, I have naturally become interested in this process and the policies aimed at ensuring the primacy of Modern Standard Arabic in Algeria. I am also interested in the attitudes of Algerian language users towards MSA, Algerian Arabic, and the Tamazight language. I am equally interested in the re-emergence of Amazigh ethnic identity in Algeria and the fight for linguistic rights

Vasquez, Eva
Associate Professor
O: AC-3C10

Professor Emeriti

Part-Time Faculty

 Berletti, Cinzia, Adjunct Professor

 Cardo, Iara, Adjunct Lecturer

 Erlichson-Kloehn, Helene, Adjunct Lecturer

 Galan, Tomas, Adjunct Lecturer

 Gomez, Edwin, Adjunct Lecturer

 Herranz, Jacqueline, Adjunct Professor

 Idrovo, Maria, Adjunct Professor

 Lane, Michele, Adjunct Assistant Professor

 Li, Qingliu, Adjunct Lecturer

 Morales, Evelyn, Adjunct Professor

 Narcisse, Marie Jasmine, Adjunct Lecturer

 Panassiti, Estela, Adjunct Professor

 Saab, Jorge, Adjunct Assistant Professor

 Santos, Yrene, Adjunct Professor

 Selleri, Vincenzo, Adjunct Lecturer

 Solis, Patricia, Adjunct Professor

 Staub, Dorothy, Adjunct Professor

 Williams, Anna, Adjunct Professor

College Laboratory Technician


 Decembre, Wilson, Graduate Assistant

 Freeman, Elvera, CUNY Office Assistant

 Serrano, Lucienne, Professor

 Tsang, Eastman, CUNY Office Assistant