Faculty / Staff

More than three dozen full - and part- time faculty teach in the English Department.

Department Chair

Grasso, Linda
O: AC-2A07
Linda M. Grasso specializes in U.S. Literature and Culture, Women's Literature, and Women's Studies. She teaches courses in American Literature, African American Literature, Women's Studies, American Studies, and Writing. Professor Grasso's current book in progress Feminism and Georgia O'Keeffe explores how Georgia O'Keeffe and feminism are linked in scholarship, popular culture, and the public imagination. Using published and unpublished sources, including paintings, photographs, fan letters, autobiography, and business documents, Professor Grasso examines O'Keeffe's art, life, writing, and reputation by foregrounding feminist questions, employing feminist reading practices, and situating O'Keeffe in U.S. feminist history.

Full-Time Faculty

Bisla, Sundeep
Assistant Professor
O: AC-2A09

Sundeep Bisla, Assistant Professor (tenured) of English, specializes in Nineteenth-Century British Literature. 

Having published a book-length investigation into Wilkie Collins's difficulties with the iterability of the word, Bisla is currently writing "A Visual Primer for Deconstruction." He also has a project underway entitled "Dipped in Inc.: Incorporating the Author in 18th-Century England" in which he looks into the destabilizing effects of uncontrolled repetition on a few English literary and legal contexts. He is currently writing essays on Pope, Percy Shelley, Emily Bronte, Stoker, Marx, Conrad, and Woolf, and a novel in his free time.

Cao, Linglan
Doctoral Lecturer
O: AC-2A10

Linglan Cao graduated from Teachers College, Columbia University. She teaches composition and literature reading and writing courses. She also serves as York College's Chief Reader for CUNY Assessment Test in Writing (CATW). An active member of TESOL, she is interested and experienced in helping the non-native speakers succeed in English reading and writing.

Corcoran, Matthew
O: AC-2A10

Matthew Corcoran has taught a wide range of courses at York, including Writing 300, English 125 and English 200. He has also taught Philosophy 101 and Ancient Greek I and II. Prior to becoming a lecturer in English, he taught for six years in the Language Immersion Program, York’s gateway program for ESL students.

His graduate studies are in the Classics, with a specialization in Greek.  He is currently at work on a dissertation on Homeric epic poetry.

DiToro, Douglas
O: AC-2B12
Doug DiToro teaches Eng 125 and 200 and serves as the English Department website manager. He has been teaching within CUNY for many years and specializes in English composition and rhetoric.

Garley, Matthew
Assistant Professor
O: AC-2B12
Matt Garley is an Assistant Professor in the Department of English, and holds a Ph.D. in Linguistics with a specialization in Sociolinguistics from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. In his research, he uses both qualitative and quantitative (corpus) methods to investigate the properties of dialects of English, the linguistics of hip hop culture, the linguistics of computer-mediated communication, and writing systems.

Hall, Jonathan
Assistant Professor
O: AC-2A01

Jonathan Hall completed his Ph.D in American literature and his M.F.A. in fiction writing at Cornell University.   His current research interests focus on college writing studies, including plagiarism prevention, writing program administration, the teaching of college writing to multilingual learners, and the relation between freshman composition and upper-level writing in the disciplines (Writing Across the Curriculum).

Haller, Cynthia
O: AC-2A16B

Cynthia R. Haller, Associate Professor and Deputy Chair of English, holds a Ph.D. in Communication and Rhetoric from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.  In addition to teaching writing courses at York College, she has served as Writing Center Coordinator, Writing Program Coordinator, Writing Across the Curriculum Coordinator, CUNY Proficiency Exam (CPE) Coordinator, and Acting Associate Dean, Humanities and Social Sciences.  Professor Haller's research interests include rhetorical invention, college students' development of academic literacies, and agricultural/environmental rhetoric. 

Hughes, William
Assistant Professor
O: AC-2A11

William J. Hughes is an Assistant Professor of English in the Department’s Journalism Program hired in the Fall of 2007 to assist with the start-up of York College’s four-year B.A. degree program in journalism. During a nearly ten-year career as an investigative reporter covering crime and corruption in municipal governments and police departments in Westchester and Passaic Counties, Professor Hughes also taught journalism courses at night at Kingsborough College and Brooklyn College, both alma maters.

During his career as a full-time professional reporter he won numerous awards for exposing fraud, waste and corruption. In 2010 he won an award from The National Council on Crime and Delinquency for an article about a man who has served 22 years in prison for a crime he claims he did not commit. He is currently working on a book about wrongful convictions.

Inayatulla, Shereen
Assistant Professor
O: AC-2A14
Shereen Inayatulla specializes in Composition and Rhetoric. Over the last decade, she has taught English in a variety of international contexts ranging from college writing courses in Canada and the US to secondary-level language courses in Japan’s public school system. Her research areas include critical pedagogy, queer and postcolonial feminist theories, and representations of teacher/student identity in literacy narratives. She has presented her work at such forums as the Conference on College Composition and Communication, the Feminism(s) and Rhetoric(s) Conference, and the Thomas R. Watson Conference.

Josephs, Kelly
Associate Professor
O: AC-2A02

Kelly Baker Josephs, Associate Professor of English, specializes in World Anglophone Literature with an emphasis on Caribbean Literature.  She teaches courses in Anglophone Caribbean Literature, Postcolonial Literature and Theory, Literatures of the African Diaspora, and Gender Studies. Her book Disturbers of the Peace: Representations of Insanity in Anglophone Caribbean Literature (U of Virginia P, 2013), considers the ubiquity of madmen and madwomen in Caribbean literature between 1959 and 1980.

Professor Josephs serves as Editor for sx salon: a small axe literary platform (www.smallaxe.net/sxsalon).

Kirkham, Phebe
O: AC-2A10

Phebe Kirkham teaches Writing 301, Writing 303, English 125, and English 200.  In her courses, she places an emphasis on helping students learn to revise and develop their work.  She has a particular interest in teaching students how to recognize and avoid plagiarism.  As co-editor of The York Scholar, she works closely with student writers to hone and polish their work.   

Lewis, Glenn
O: AC-2A11

Glenn Lewis is the Director of Journalism at York College and teaches Feature Writing and Narrative Journalism at the CUNY Graduate School of Journalism. He is a veteran magazine, newspaper and book journalist - with some work in television and radio. He was co-founder and Creative Director for Book Smart, Inc. - a book production company working with major publishers. He has published non-fiction and fiction with major book publishers. He is currently an on-air Journalism and Media expert for Fox TV-News -- and Fox Online and Radio. He was the Editor, and sole writer, of the Key Documents Volume of the Encyclopedia of Journalism for Sage Publications. The encyclopedia won the Dartmouth Medal (Honorable Mention) as one of the three most prestigious reference publications of 2009.

McGee, Daniel
Associate Professor
O: AC-2A07A

Daniel McGee is Associate Professor of English. He teaches literature courses in the Department, and serves as the Department's Academic Integrity Officer. In 2004-05, he coordinated the English Department's Academic Program Review, a periodic review undertaken in compliance with accreditation procedures for Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools.

Milanes, Patricia
O: AC-2A12

Patricia Milanes teaches General Education and elective courses that range from Medieval and Renaissance to Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Century American literature. She has also taught Humanities 101 and often teaches Introduction to Literary Studies. She has served as the English Department's General Education Coordinator and Assistant Deputy Chair. Along with having participated on several search committees, she is currently a member of the Department's Assessment Committee

Her Master’s essay, entitled "Edmund Spenser’s Virgin Queens: Marian Iconography in 'Book I' of The Faerie Queene," explores issues of female agency in the Early Modern Era. She is currently writing a dissertation that examines representations of illness among African Americans as consumers and providers of medicine in Harlem Renaissance literature.

Moore, Thomas
Assistant Professor
O: AC-2A11
Tom Moore, a broadcast journalist with twenty-five years of experience, worked as an on-air reporter, anchor and producer at Bloomberg Radio & TV in New York. He covered general news as well as business stories and was part of the staff that launched the broadcast news operation. Moore also worked at The MacNeil/Lehrer NewsHour on PBS and was part of the Decision ’88 team at the NBC News Election Unit. He studied at the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism where he earned his Master’s in 1992. Moore reported for the New York Times and WBAI-Pacifica Radio and he still works as a news writer at the CBS News Radio Network, part-time. Moore wrote an essay in a Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism collection of alumni stories about the digital journalism world. He served as an editor of that collection titled, ''Ink Stains, Stories From 20 Years of Journalism and Life." For over a decade he's edited the Park Slope Food Coop Gazette in Brooklyn.

Namphy, Mychel
Assistant Professor
O: AC-2A02
For over a decade Dr. Mychel J. Namphy has been lecturing, teaching, and writing about African American literature, culture, and politics, in such diverse venues as churches and mosques, police academies and drug treatment centers, Ivy League colleges, graduate schools, high schools, elementary schools, and prisons.

Dr. Namphy has held teaching positions at Princeton University and at Rutgers University. At York College, he teaches courses on African American and Native American literature, art, and music, and constantly encourages his students to explore the connections between our cultural practices and our struggle for freedom, justice, equality, and dignity.

Papa, James
O: AC-2B11

Jim Papa received his Ph.D. in English from The State University of New York at Stonybrook. His primary academic interests are American literature, nature and environmental writing, and ecocriticism. He has published poetry, creative nonfiction, fiction, and feature journalism, as well as critical essays on Edward Abbey, Henry David Thoreau, Jack London, and Annie Dillard. Professor Papa teaches creative writing.

Robinson, Heather
Associate Professor
O: AC-2A16A
Heather is a theoretical linguist and a Writing Program Administrator. Her research focuses, broadly, on issues of access in institutions as well as in academic writing. Her current research explores the intersection of education and the global economy in the context of free-standing grammar classes.

Rooney, Theresa
Associate Professor
O: AC-2A12

Theresa Rooney is Associate Professor of English. Professor Rooney teaches English 125 (Introduction to College Writing) and English 270 (Essentials of English Grammar), among other courses at the College.

She represents the English Department in the College Senate, and is the former Director of the York College Writing Center.

Rowe, Debbie
Assistant Professor
O: AC-2A14
Debbie Rowe, Assistant Professor of English, has her PhD in Communication and Rhetoric from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. She has research, professional, and teaching experience in various forms of academic and professional writing. She introduces various technologies and writing forms in her courses, including computer synthesized speech and graphic novels. For her fifth year at York, she continues her work as on York's Service-Learning Advisory Board as a Co-Chair, and returns as Writing Center Director.

Serant, Claire
O: AC-2A13B
Claire Serant is a lecturer in the English department’s journalism program. Prior to York College, Ms. Serant worked as a general assignment reporter at the New York Daily News for 14 years. She has freelanced for Black Enterprise and Essence magazines, New York Newsday, The Journal News (Westchester) and The Star Ledger (Newark). Ms. Serant worked as a senior editor at CMP Media LLC where she wrote business articles for Electronic Buyers’ News. She taught journalism at St. John’s University in Queens, New York. Ms. Serant has a Master’s degree from Columbia University’s School of Journalism.

Silva, Andrea
Assistant Professor
O: AC-2A14
Andie Silva specializes in early modern British literature and history of the book. She earned her PhD. from Wayne State University (Detroit, MI) in 2014. Her research uses contemporary marketing theory to analyze the ways printers, publishers, and booksellers influenced readership and the development of popular taste. Dr. Silva is currently working on a database that aims to catalog and facilitate research on paratexts from the early modern book trade. She has presented her work at national forums such as the Renaissance Society of America, the Sixteenth Century Society Conference, and the Shakespeare Association of America.

Professor Emeriti

Anderson, Valerie
Professor Emerita
O: AC-2A16B
Andretta, Helen
Professor Emerita
O: AC-2A10
Cooper, Alan
Professor Emeritus
O: AC-2B09
Kirkpatrick, Carolyn
Professor Emerita
O: AC-2A16

Part-Time Faculty

 Alms, Anthony, Adjunct Assistant Professor

 Banks, Danis, Adjunct Lecturer

 Barnat, Dara, Adjunct Assistant Professor

 Bennett, George, Adjunct

 Blickley, Mark, Adjunct

 Cacciutto, Franklin, Adjunct Assistant Professor

 Cao, Vivien, Adjunct Lecturer

 Cohen, Adam, Adjunct Lecturer

 Cope, LaForrest, Adjunct

 Delahousse, Sarah, Adjunct Assistant Professor

 Dissinger, Daniel, Adjunct Lecturer

 Donohue, Kathryn, Adjunct Lecturer

 Dotterman, Angela, Adjunct Lecturer

 Dubuisson, Donald, Adjunct

 Fowley, Katherine, Adjunct Lecturer

 Frank, Shirley, Adjunct Assistant Professor

 Gairola, Rahul, Adjunct Assistant Professor

 Glenn, Jo-Ann, Adjunct Lecturer

 Hamm, Christine, Adjunct Lecturer

 Harris, Bonnie, Adjunct Lecturer

 Heath, Nigel, Adjunct Lecturer

 Henry, Amina, Adjunct Lecturer

 Hodgkins, John, Adjunct Assistant Professor

 Hussain , Aneesa, Adjunct

 Kottner, Ann, Adjunct Lecturer

 Lacey, Alice, Adjunct

 Lane, Roseanna, Adjunct Lecturer

 Leimsider, Naomi , Adjunct Assistant Professor

 Lotto, Myra, Adjunct Assistant Professor

 Lucia, Brent, Adjunct Lecturer

 Mendelsohn, Eric, Adjunct Assistant Professor

 Miller, Michael, Adjunct Lecturer

 Oliver, Connie, Adjunct Lecturer

 Ralph, Aubria, Adjunct Lecturer

 Richie, James, Adjunct Lecturer

 Rivera, Rebecca, Adjunct Lecturer

 Ryst, Sonja, Adjunct Lecturer

 Schauer, Jordan, Adjunct Lecturer

 Scheiwe, Richard, Adjunct Lecturer

 Smith, Rabiyya, Adjunct Lecturer

 Stapleton, Ruth, Adjunct

 Suso, Margarita, Adjunct Lecturer

 Tilley, Brigitte, Adjunct Lecturer

 White, Sybil, Adjunct Lecturer

 Willis, Karen, Adjunct Lecturer

 Winslow, DeShawn, Adjunct Lecturer

 Winson, Alan, Adjunct Assistant Professor

 Yearous-Algozin, Joseph, Adjunct Lecturer


 Beharry-Singh, Sharon, CUNY Office Assistant

 Mc Donald, Carolette, Writing Center Manager

 Parris-David, CadyAnn, CUNY Office Assistant