English 125

Resources for faculty teaching English 125, Composition I: Introduction to College Writing

Standard Syllabus Format

English 125 is a general education course offered in multiple sections taught by many instructors. Instructors need to include the following items on their syllabi to ensure consistency. At the end of these guidelines instructors will find a useful sample syllabus.

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Required Texts

This page lists up-to-date information about the required texts for English 125.

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Evaluating students' performance in our classes is an essential part of our job. Listed below are the Department's policies regarding final grades in English 125.

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Writing Center

The York College Writing Center provides writing tutoring for all York College students. Tutors work with students on all aspects of the writing process.

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Policies and Recommendations

The Department of English has common policies in place governing attendance in multiple-section courses including English 125 as well as specific recommendations about the assignments and readings for the course.

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High-Stakes Writing Assignment Suggestions

An English 125 class should include four formal writing assignments: three formal papers of 3-6 pages, and an annotated bibliography assignment that asks students to write on 3-4 sources. All formal papers in English 125 should be written under "revision" conditions: drafts should be submitted for feedback on content and organization by peers and instructor.

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