Dr. Charles Coleman's and Dr. Sam Hux's Retirement Celebration

On February 6, 2014, from 4 to 7 PM at City Rib, the department held a party to celebrate the retirement of our two distinguished professors, Prof. Charles Coleman and Prof. Samuel Hux. More than 46 people from different departments and offices attended the party. President Keizs, Provost Meleties, Dean Chirico and several retired colleagues were also present. The party was emceed by Prof. Howard Rutterberg from the Department of History and Philosophy. Several colleagues made speeches at the party to share memories of these two great professors. The speakers included Howard Ruttenberg, Laura Fishman, Helen Andretta, Diatra Jones, Howard McGee, Theresa Rooney, Janice Cline, Alan Cooper, the President, Linda Grasso, and Valerie Anderson.
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