Faculty / Staff

More than three dozen full and part time faculty teach in the Business and Economics Department.

Department Chair

Oladipo, Olajide
Associate Professor
O: AC-2B06C
Dr. Olajide Oladipo joined York College of The City University of New York in August 2009. Before coming to York College, Dr. Oladipo had worked at Obafemi Awolowo University (a premier University) in Nigeria, as a Lecturer. He taught Applied Statistics, Micro & Macroeconomics, Econometrics, Money and Banking, and International Trade and Finance. He left OAU, for University of Cambridge, UK, where he completed his MPhil degree in Development Finance and Institution Economics. He worked with Arthur Andersen Consulting (now Accenture) and KPMG International (two of the top five accounting firms) as a senior consultant. He left KPMG International for his PhD at the University of Birmingham, UK. During this period he taught and supervised dissertations of M.Sc. and MBA students. Dr. Oladipo also worked as a consultant with the World Bank. Also, he had taught undergraduate and graduate courses as an Adjunct at Adelphi University, SUNY Old Westbury, and Medgar Evers College among others.

Full-Time Faculty

Aceves, Robert
Associate Professor
O: AC-4G04

Althaus, Paul
O: AC-2B06D

Annansingh-Jamieson, Fenio
Assistant Professor
P:(718) 262-5289
O: AC-B206I

Forrester, Wayne
O: AC-2B06C
Professor Forrester has been an Adjunct Lecturer at York for the 14 years and a Lecturer for 4 years. He lectured at Mercy College along with their partner America Institute of Banking where he taught there for a period of 4 years. During his Adjunct period he worked at the New York Times Company as a Financial Analyst where he managed the budget for both the Single Copy and Education divisions. A seasoned professional, he brings together a strong business background and a solid commitment to students at York.

Green, Mavis
Associate Professor
O: B-06D
Dr. Mavis F. Green is a leading voice in collegiate aviation education. She is a past president of the University Aviation Association, and served on their executive committee for five years. She was awarded both the Wheatley Award for outstanding contributions in the field of aerospace education and the Laurson Award for excellence in college teaching. Dr. Green has numerous publications and has made many domestic and international presentations. Dr. Green holds a PhD. in Educational Organization and Leadership from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. She holds a MPA from Harvard University, a Masters degree in aviation safety from CMSU and a BS in environmental science. D. Green is rated as an Air Transport Pilot and holds Gold Seal Flight Instructor certificates. Dr. Green has amassed over 10,000 flight hours. She has volunteered with the FAA as a safety team member for many years.

Johnson, David
O: AC-2B06B

Lee, Kang Bok
Assistant Professor
O: AC-2B06B
He is a well-balanced scholar in solving real-world problems and doing academic research. During his graduate studies and his working period at LG Electronics, he had extensive industry project experience. At Rutgers Business School, he worked for a project on Pharmaceutical supply chain management with Department of Homeland Security, USA. He published more than two dozen papers in refereed journals, such as Production and Operations Management, European Journal of Operational Research, Naval Research Logistics, International Journal of Production Economics, and International Journal of Production Research. He serves as an associate editor of Journal of Scheduling. His main research interests are Operations Research, Management Science and Supply Chain Management.

Massimino, Phoebe
Assistant Professor
O: AC-2C09
Phoebe Massimino has a Ph.D. in Business from CUNY, an MBA in Industrial Psychology from Baruch, and a BA with a double major in Psychology and Anthropology from Queens College. Her Doctoral Dissertation won the Sidney Lirtzman Award for Outstanding Dissertation in Business. Dr. Massimino has over 25 years experience in the financial services industry, most recently as a Vice President at JPMorgan Chase. In the public sector, she managed the Personnel function for a school district. Dr. Massimino began teaching at York College in August 2010, focusing on Human Resource Management. She taught at Nassau Community and Molloy Colleges, both in Molloy’s undergraduate and MBA programs. Her PTA volunteer work focused on parent education to assist families in recognizing and dealing with problem situations. She was honored with the “Making a Difference Award” from the Sewanhaka Federation of Teachers, and a “Woman of Distinction” award from State Assemblyman Thomas Alfano.

Ou, Chau
Associate Professor
O: AC-2B06H
Born in Taiwan. Proud to be a graduated of Taiwan University. Served in the Air Force in 1969. Arrived in US in 1969 with only $200 in my pocket, and live in the dorm for five years, and paid monthly rent of $40/mo. Married to a wonder woman for 37 years. Have two terrific children. I Have been teaching at colleges for more than 30 years. Love to teach. Also love classical music, oil painting and tennis. I am a DIY fan at home. I have been the custodian, without pay, of our church since 1997.

Perry, Linda
Associate Professor
O: AC-2C14
Design, data collection, data analysis and reporting of consumer, political and social surveys.

Schachter, Joseph
Associate Professor
O: AC-2B06G

Professor Emeriti

Part-Time Faculty

 Abdur-Rahman, Isa, Adjunct Assistant Professor

 Abrahams, Melissa, Adjunct Assistant Professor

 Ahmed, Khandaker, Adjunct Assistant Professor

 Alleyne, Allison, Adjunct Lecturer

 Bolden-Rivera, Gina, Adjunct Lecturer

 Bradley, Gregory, Adjunct Lecturer

 Brienza, Mario, Adjunct Lecturer

 Igbokwe, Eric, Adjunct Assistant Professor

 Iwu-Anyanwu, Collins , Adjunct

 Lall, Pooran, Adjunct Assistant Professor

 Lin, Chiao Han, Adjunct Lecturer

 Moutrane, Fouad, Adjunct

 Nwaobi, Peter, Adjunct Assistant Professor

 Ojongtambia, Jasper, Adjunct Lecturer

 Opurum, Clifford, Adjunct Assistant Professor

 Rawlins, Glenville, Adjunct Professor

 Sharif, Choudhry, Adjunct Assistant Professor

 Su, Geng-Wen, Adjunct Assistant Professor

 Tefera, Taye, Adjunct Lecturer

 Turner, Kay, Adjunct Assistant Professor

 Unuigbe, Aig, Adjunct Lecturer

 Whitten, Swazette, Adjunct Lecturer

 Yeung, Brian, Adjunct Lecturer

 Zamir, Zahid, Adjunct

College Laboratory Technician


 Bercovitz, George, Lecturer

 Iwuanyanwu, Collins, Adjunct Lecturer

 Lynch, Tony, Adjunct Professor

 Medera, Sharilee, CUNY Office Assistant