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Department Chair

MacNeil, Margaret
O: AC-4E03G

Dr. MacNeil joined the York College faculty in 2000. She is interested in the neuroanatomy of the vertebrate retina. The goal of her current research is to identify microcircuits between neurons that synapse in the inner plexiform layer of the retina.

Full-Time Faculty

Adams, Cheryl
Associate Professor
O: AC-4E03D

My main research interest involves investigating developmental patterns of blister beetles, meloids, under certain environmental conditions. I also have an interest in applications of statistical analysis to biological data, including epidemiological data.

I am the faculty advisor for the Plant Club at York College, growing plants with students in the greenhouse.

Alter, Elizabeth
Assistant Professor
O: AC-4E07
My research uses molecular phylogenetic methods to understand the evolutionary histories of species and populations, particularly in the marine environment. This work examines the genetic vestiges left by past environmental and ecological conditions and is integrative in nature, drawing from evolutionary genetics, phylogenomics and population modeling. Previous work focused on reconstructing evolutionary history in marine mammals, including developing a novel method for estimating the molecular clock for the hypervariable mammalian control region. A new line of research is concerned with understanding the evolution of morphological and physiological diversity in killifishes, particularly in the genus Fundulus. The ultimate goal is to characterize the interaction between gene flow and environmental factors such as dissolved oxygen and pollutant load in shaping landscape-level adaptive variation in Fundulus fishes.

Arsov, Ivica
Associate Professor
O: AC-4E03C

The main focus of my laboratory is to understand events leading to programmed cell death (apoptosis) in developing T-cells in the thymus. We are currently using several genetically modified mice to determine the role of Beclin 1, a gene implicated in autophagy and apoptosis, in intrathymic T-cell development. My long term goal is to develop a mouse model in which the Beclin 1 gene will be inactivated in lymphoid cells. This will provide an excellent system to study different aspects of T-cell biology in which Beclin 1 could play an important role.

Beaton, Laura
Associate Professor
O: AC-4E03B

I have three main areas of interest; (1) plant-herbivore interactions, (2) seed banks and seed dispersal, and (3) competition and allelopathy. I am conducting studies examining latitudinal gradients in defenses against herbivores in common sunflowers, effect of the seed bank of an invasive species on the germination and seedling establishment of several native species, the effects of competition on herbivore defense, and the ability of plants to acclimatize to a particular competitor.

Bradbury, Louis
Assistant Professor
O: AC-4E03
I use bioinformatic techniques to identify enzymes involved in repair of damaged metabolites (oncometabolites) and characterize these enzymes using biochemical and molecular methods. My past research involved the identification and characterization of the gene for fragrance in jasmine and basmati rice and the characterization of genes involved in carotenoid biosynthesis.

Casey, John
Doctoral Lecturer
O: AC-4E07
I teach Anatomy and Physiology, Clinical Microbiology, Nutrition and Pathophysiology. Areas of interest include Ethnopharmacology of Oceanic Island Rain Forests and the Effects of Nutrition on Gene Function. I previously served as the Course Coordinator for Bio 235 and Bio 265. I also served as the Departmental Academic Integrity Officer and representative on the curriculum committee and am a Member of the Pre-medical Committee and mentor students interested in a variety of health sciences.

Criss, Andrew
Doctoral Lecturer
O: AC-4E07
Dr. Criss joined York College's Biology department as a full time faculty member in 2008. He is the lead instructor and course coordinator for the Anatomy & Physiology sequence. In addition to his instructional duties, Dr. Criss is the Pre-Medical Advisor and Chairman of the Pre-Medical Advisory Committee at York College.

Emtage, Lesley
Assistant Professor
O: AC-4E03E
My work has focused on cellular processes in neurons. My main research interests focus on identifying and characterizing factors that influence the formation of unfolded protein aggregates, using the Huntingtin protein expressed in S. cerevisiae as a model system. Unfolded protein aggregates are believed to be the fundamental cause of neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinsons’s and Huntington’s. The techniques that I use to address these questions include genetics, molecular biology, and quantitative fluorescence microscopy.

Hua, Shao-Ying
Assistant Professor
O: AC-4E03E

Using the techniques of electrophysiological recording and microinjection, Dr. Hua studies synaptic transmission, the means by which neurons communicate with each other. She is particularly interested in the speed of neuronal communication and theories on the signal processing capacity of neural networks. More recently, Dr. Hua started a project on the structural mechanism of human autism spectrum disorders. With several mutants of a Drosophila modal of human autism, she is trying to quantify the microstructural changes in the mutants’ neural synapses.

Levinger, Louis
O: AC-4E03A

Dr. Levinger studies RNA-Protein interactions using biochemistry and molecular biology. The reaction he investigates is the 3 end processing of tRNA precursors. All RNAs are transcribed as precursors and undergo maturation. Mature tRNAs are essential for protein synthesis. In this research project we construct mutations in both the enzyme and substrate and analyze their effects on this important reaction.

Lewis, Leslie
Professor Emeritus Biology
O: AC-4E03

Mechanistic studies of transposition in the IS3 family of Insertion sequences. We are exploring a new model of DNA/Protein interaction that may explain the basis of two intrinsically different complexes that are an essential part of the unique transposition pathway which we have described in this group of transposable elements.

McNeil, Gerard
O: AC-4E03F

My background and current research focus on the role of RNA-binding proteins in the regulation of important developmental events using Drosophila melanogaster as a model system. Although RNA-binding proteins have been shown to regulate the translation, stability, and localization of mRNAs during development, little is known of potential regulation at the level of transport and splicing events in the nucleus. I am currently focusing on identifying RNA targets of a nuclearly localized RNA-binding protein called Lark that is required for progression through oogenesis. It is likely that Lark is required at the level of RNA-splicing or nuclear-cytoplamic transport.

Professor Emeriti

Schlein, Jack
Professor Emeritus
O: AC-4E03

Part-Time Faculty

 Aderibigbe, Olujimi, Adjunct Lecturer

 Ahmed, Shammun, Adjunct College Laboratory Technician

 Baliram, Ramkumarie, Adjunct Assistant Professor

 Birk, Alexander, Adjunct Assistant Pr

 Chakravarti, Bulbul, Adjunct Associate Professor

 Chowdhury, Ruma, Adjunct Assistant Professor

 Chowdhury, Soheli, Adjunct Assistant Professor

 Di Bonaventura, Mariapia, Adjunct Assistant Professor

 Diotti, Raffaella, Adjunct Assistant Professor

 Ferrari, Christopher, Adjunct Lecturer

 Gallagher, Robert, Adjunct Assistant Professor

 Greene, Vilma, Adjunct Assistant Professor

 Henrice, Blandite, Adjunct Assistant Professor

 Husain, Abbas, Adjunct Lecturer

 Kulawy, Steven, Adjunct Lecturer

 Liu, Liming, Adjunct Assistant Professor

 Lu, Haiyang, Adjunct Assistant Professor

 Lubin, Carare, Adjunct Lecturer

 Morris, Darrell, Adjunct Assistant Professor

 Oladipo, Abiola, Adjunct Assistant Professor

 Rollins, Janet, Adjunct Assistant Professor

 Whyzmuzis, Carol, Adjunct Assistant Professor

 Winicov, Irene, Adjunct Assistant Professor

 Wu, Hao, Adjunct Lecturer

 Xiong, Ling, Adjunct Assistant Professor

College Laboratory Technician

 Ahmed, Shammun, Adjunct College Laboratory Technician

 Feliciano, Omar, College Laboratory Technician

 He, Jun, Senior CLT

 Ponnampalam, Ramakrishnan, Senior College Laboratory Technician

 Rusinova, Kseniia, College Laboratory Technician


 Ampofo, King, Adjunct College Laboratory Technician

 Bhowan, Martine, Office Assistant

 Green, Geraldine, CUNY Office Assistant

 Silberklang, Melvin, Adjunct Professor

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