General Guidelines All sponsored project budgets must be reviewed by OSR. In general, sponsored project budgets should be prepared at no greater level of detail than the accounting system can report expenditures.

Cost Sharing
There should be no more commitment to cost sharing than is required by the particular proposal solicitation. If matching or cost sharing is required, or if the project will sustain course release/replacement, or if the project will involve allocation of department or school resources, consult with department chair and OSR before beginning to write the proposal.

Budget Justification
This is an explanation of the factors used to determine the costs of each proposal budget line item. The justification should be structured to allow for maximum of ease for determination of sponsor's reviewers. If there are no forms or specific instructions included, the justification should follow the format of the budget with a justification for each category.

NSF Budget Justification
NIH Modular Budget Justification for Equal Modules
NIH Modular Budget Justification for Varying Modules

Budget Advice
Budget Advice from NSF
NIH Modular Budget Hints, Tips, & Reminders
NIH Extramural Policy Notices

Indirect Costs (F&A)
Guidelines for including indirect costs
Use of the on-campus versus off campus F&A Rate
Official York College Negotiated Rate Agreement

Employee benefit (fringe benefit) rates
NIH salary limitation
NIH NRSA Stipend Levels

Costing principles
Allowability of Costs on Federally Sponsored Projects
Consistent treatment of costs in like circumstances

Traveling as part of a Sponsored Project
Foreign Travel & Per Diem
Domestic Travel & Per Diem