• Investigator Contacts OSR for information on funding opportunities.
  • Investigator and Department prepare proposal and obtain unit approval.
  • Investigator submits proposal packet to OSR.
  • OSR reviews and identifies mandatory and optional changes.
  • Once review is completed, OSR endorses the proposal on behalf of the University and transmits the proposal to the sponsor or returns it to the investigator for mailing.

The Office of Sponsored Research (OSR) is responsible for facilitating the submission of proposals to external sponsors. OSR can provide the greatest level of service to faculty when adequate lead time is given to review the proposal. Important steps in the proposal process are as follows.

Preproposal Review

OSR is available to conduct a preproposal review - particularly of the budget, budget justification, and other administrative sections - to ensure conformity with agency guidelines. If a proposal is being submitted in response to a published solicitation such as a specific Request for Proposal (RFP), OSR should be notified well in advance of the proposal deadline and provided with a copy of the RFP. OSR will review the RFP, complete the representations and certifications, and gather any requested administrative information.
Completed proposals for external funding must be submitted to the Office of Sponsored Research (OSR) for final review and endorsement a minimum of five working days in advance of an agency deadline. Proposals received fewer than five working days before an agency deadline will be reviewed and endorsed, only if time allows, and made available to the investigator for submission to the agency.

Original Proposals and Copies

The PI should provide the original and one copy of new and competing renewal proposals to OSR. A proposal package normally includes the proposal narrative (conforming to agency requirements), budget forms, budget narrative, statements of other support (where applicable), representations and certifications (where applicable), all other forms as indicated in the proposal instructions or RFP, and the curriculum vitae of all primary personnel (where applicable). If subcontracts are involved, in most circumstances a letter of intent from the subcontracting institution, workscope, budget, and budget justification will suffice.

Review Process and Mailing

Proposal Review
Proposals should be submitted with sufficient lead time for OSR to review the proposal, notify the PI of any problems and corrections that need to be made, obtain institutional endorsement, and prepare the proposal for mailing or pick-up. Proposals received less than five business days before the deadline may not receive as thorough a review.

Upon request, OSR will mail proposals that are received at least five business days before the proposal deadline. To take advantage of this service, the PI should provide OSR with all necessary copies of the proposal, the sponsor's mailing address, and a departmental CUFS account number to which the mailing costs should be charged. If the PI wishes OSR to arrange for copying (and mailing) proposals should be received seven business days before the deadline.