Post Award Administration

About the Research Foundation of CUNY
The Research Foundation (RF), chartered in 1963, is a private, not-for-profit educational corporation chartered by the State of New York in 1963.
RF CUNY Project Director's Guide
The Project Director’s Guide isavailableto allProject Directors/Principal Investigators who hold authorized IDs and Passwords.
E-Services Log On and Password Information
The Research Foundation must enroll you into electronic systems in order for you to use them, and for us to maintain the system’s integrity and security.
COMPUTRON Accounting System (CAS)
The Research Foundation's financial accounting system, Computron, introduced in January 1999, is a relational database built on an Oracle platform, with the ability to integrate with Workflow and other software to enable electronic submission of RF forms.
Post Award Compliance
All expenditures are monitored for availability of funds and for compliance with Research Foundation policies and sponsor requirements.