Budget for Varying Modules


SAMPLE for variation in number of Modules

Total Direct Costs for Entire Proposed Period of Support: $900,000

Initial Budget Period
Second Year of SupportThird Year of Support Fourth Year of Support Fifth Year of Support
$200,000 $175,000 $175,000 $175,000 $175,000 


John Smith, M.D., Ph.D., Principal Investigator (30% academic year and 50% summer effort) will be responsible for the overall administration and direction of the project. He will analyze reaction of soluble IV9-HLA-A*0201 complex with TCR on 68A62 anti-IV9CTL.

Selena Horst, M.D., (25% academic year effort) will focus on investigating the ability of various SL9-specific CD8 CTl clones from various HIV infected individuals whose T-cell receptors bind with different strength to the cognate pepMHC complex (SL9-HLA-A*0201) to suppress viral replication in HIV infected cells in vitro. In addition, Dr. Thomas will maintain initial preparation of the CTL clones and will characterize them on a regular basis to ensure maintenance of their initial quality.

Loren Barnett, Ph.D., PostDoctoral Fellow (100% effort) will be involved in all the measurement of SD50 and SD25 for RT-and gag-derived peptides required to induce various responses of anti-HIV CTL. Most of his effort will be directed towards measurement of the intervals of epitope densities on target cells required for various responses of anti-HIV CTL.

Jane Doe, Ph.D., PostDoctoral Fellow (100%) will be responsible for the isolation and characterization of recombinant MHC class I molecules using Drosophila Melanogaster and E.coli expression systems and measurement of kinetics and affinity of reactions between soluble complex of immunodominant peptide SL9 with HLA-A-*0201 soluble protein and TCR on various clones of live anti-SL9 CTL. Dr. Jones will also measure level of a,b-TCR and CD8 molecules on anti-SL9 CTL.


Approximately $25,000 Total Costs per year

Consortium with Queens College, CUNY  {X}Domestic { } Foreign

James Appel, Ph.D., will devote 10% effort to this project. Dr. Livingston will be responsible for establishing CTL clones from HIV-infected subjects, and propagating previously isolated CTL clones. Dr. Livingston will also be responsible for planning and overseeing all functional cell assays.

Alix Toppa, 50% Research Technologist will perform all CTL assays, proliferation assays, ELIZA assays and assays designed to measure inhibition of HIV-1 replication by virus-specific CTL clones.

Additional Module - Equipment

Purchase of a Thermocycler and HPLC Fraction Collector is requested during the first year. This will increase the requested budget for the first year by one module ($25,000). The requested equipment is necessary for this project and will be used extensively to analyze IV9-HLA-A*0201 complex.