This College Now program is a one year offering for high school seniors only who are interested in entering the field of nursing. York College is anticipating a new four year Baccalaureate Degree in nursung in the near future.

Saturday Nursing
Professions Program
at York College


  • An early start towards a career in the field of Nursing
  • 4 college credits in the health field
  • Introductory health professions classes
  • All classes at the York College campus
  • Ten Saturday mornings each term from 9:30 AM to 12:30 PM
  • Free books and materials

Proposed College Credit Offerings Include

  • Introductory Health Professions I
  • Nutrition and Health class


  • 80+ average in Science and Math classes
  • 75+ on Living Environment Regents
  • Seniors only

How to Enroll

Program begins in Fall 2008 for seniors only contact your guidance counselor or science chairperson by May 15th for information and application classes start in the beginning of October

York Contact Information

Letitia Bridgeman
College Now Coordinator