Suggestions for Choosing A Major

Some Suggestions for Choosing A Major from the Academic Advisement Center

Be an active participant in your education.

Employers want to hire people who can think, communicate, and write (selling points of liberal arts majors!). What will make you marketable in the future? Literature courses develop communication, philosophy and psychology classes increase problem-solving skills, courses in public speaking, computers, marketing, and foreign languages prepare you for nearly any eventuality.

Look for summer internships or volunteer opportunities.

See what you like or don't like before committing to a major. Check out Career Services and Internship Programs.
Take a variety of courses. Include something new every semester.
Come on! Be curious. Every course adds to your graduation hours and may open doors you didn't expect. You may be surprised when anthropology turns out to be your favorite class.

Choose a major you love.

Why? You will enjoy your classes and your college experience more. Motivation results in higher GPA's. Does it make sense to be miserable in math when you LOVE history? Companies will hire and train people with potential for the job they want you to do. Check out Monster Trak.

Follow your strengths.

If you have a way with words but struggle with biology, a pre-Med track is not a wise choice, even if you have wanted to be a doctor since you were born.

Talk to people "in the know."

If you are unsure about your academic preferences or what majors fall within your areas of interest, contact the major department to talk with an advisor.

Complete the Discover program through Career Services.

Take advantage of the free, computer self-assessment program, Discover.. Be sure to meet with an advisor or counselor afterwards to discuss the results.

Learn as much as possible about careers you are interested in.

Interview people. "Shadow" someone on the job. Try for an internship or summer job. Volunteer. Talk with faculty. Make an appointment with a counselor in Career Services. For info about career opportunities and the majors that get you there.

Change majors!

If your major is making you unhappy, come to the Academic Advisement Center in AC-2C01. Request a "what-if"Degree Audit from Cardinal Check. See how your current courses contribute and what courses are needed for a new major. Talk to an advisor. For information about majors, check out JobStar Central.

Investigate student academic organizations.

Organizations are a great way to interact with faculty and get to know students who are enthusiastic about their majors.   Student Activities
(adapted from Ohio Univ website )

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