Dr. Selena T. Rodgers

Social Work Lobby Day

Eight years and counting...Dr. Rodgers has collaborated with several social work faculty members providing guidance to the social work club in organizing their annual Legislative Action Day to Albany, NY.

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Women Overachieving in Academics

TMI w Ajani Brown and special guest Dr. Rodgers - Interview Themes: Fulbright Specialist, International Social Work Experience, Mentoring, Women’s History Month

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Dr. Selena T. Rodgers contributes to AAU

York College’s Academic Affairs Update is the monthly newsletter published during the academic year by the Office of Academic Affairs. It was first published in October 2007 and intends to inform and update internal and external constituencies about current events and accomplishments at the college. For full newsletter, please visit Academic Affairs Update Newsletter Archive at: https://www.york.cuny.edu/academics/academic-affairs/newsletter

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Social Work Field Education Signature Pedagogy E-Newsletter

The Social Work Field Education E-Newsletter was established in December 2010 to share relevant information about field education, the Program, and trends in the Profession. The E-Newsletter is issued bi-annually to the cadre of participating field instructors the heart of York’s social work program.

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AAS Newsletter

African American Studies Newsletter

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Beyond February PhotoVoice Project

Beyond February PhotoVoice Project emerged as a casual conversation between Tiffany Cudjoe (York Alumna, mentee, research assistant, photographer) and Dr. Rodgers (Assistant Professor of Social Work, mentor, researcher) and has transformed into formulating an edifying PhotoVoice project.

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